Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Meditation for Beginners...

Beginning is beautiful... it begins, it starts. Just now you have started your journey, always be there, remain with the beginning, do not miss it.

Whatever you are doing, is blissful - remain there. Put your heart into your performance - do not remain merely a performer... become the performance.

If you miss the beginning, you will miss the end. hence, to know, Mediation for Beginners is very important.

Meditation for beginners is the beginning tool ... which one must understand very well.

So, it is important to know what is, meditation for beginners is. One should keep in mind few important points
  • Meditation Methods-
  • Relaxation Techniques.
  • Meditation Techniques
To carry the process further, to move ahead in meditation one must learn- -

  • Just look at yourself 
  • Just Feel the sensation 
  • Take a deep breath, enjoy the breathing 
  • Whatever thought is coming, welcome it 
  • Do not create a gap, do not fight 
  • Just float...become the floating
  • You can use, whatever meditation methods are coming, your way. 
  • Remain alert Cautious
  • Each and every moment is giving you something
Avoid being conscious, curiosity is OK- do not get trapped.

Relaxation Techniques are many. You can create your own technique. Yes, do it with total involvement. Do not create a gap, whatever you're doing, do it wholeheartedly.

Take a deep plunge into the ocean, ocean will reward you. You will be rewarded- Do not remain merely a performer, become the performance.

Just inhale the fragrance of The Universe- merge into it. You will witness a Miracle in happening.

Beginning is very important. It is the root. Do not go anywhere, be with the Beginning. 
Your whole body is blissful. each and every part is important- when in meditation, mediate through your whole body. It will vibrate, allow it to vibrate, do not try to stop it. On the contrary - become the vibration.

You do not have to rich anywhere, soon. Do not be in a hurry. A relaxed and calm mind accepts everything, feel the rhythm of the universe- Just merge into the beginning. Let it happen, whatever is happening.

Meditation Techniques, Meditation Methods, Relaxation Technique... understand first

Ashok Sinha

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