Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meditation, Hope, Desire, Greed, Jealousy and You

You are hoping against hope…and your life goes on.

Your expectations; desire; greed, from your life, is natural. You have every right to expect. You have every right to desire; to opt for something. Longing for anything; becoming greedy…is natural; certainly not to worry about. 

Nothing is bad; whatever is taking birth inside you, is not bad…on the contrary it is sacred. Same power has created you; which has been breading desire; greed; hope etc, in you. It is natural. Your mind is conditioned, and you became conscious. 

There is always good and bad; right and wrong notion, before. You have to choose. You have to choose because options are before you. You have been taught about wrong and right; good and bad; further you are taught…to be good in life. And here the fight; the conflict begins inside you.

What to do; you choose the good. Now the question arises…what bad will do, if you choose the good? Where bad will go? You have been taught to destroy bad…you cannot do that. Because if you destroy bad then, where good will go? 

Good and bad exists together. You cannot separate. But the problem with you is that you have to separate it; otherwise how you can live a bad life. And here starts the problem. And this is the place where Greed; jealousy become bad; a negative energy. 

These are simple energies, which are floating inside you, very natural; very innocent. Problem is in your learning. You cannot differentiate, in good and bad; you cannot define what is right and what is wrong…because, they are same. Like, light is the absence of darkness; or reversal. Accept; right and wrong; good and bad…accept both. Accept whatever is floating inside you…you are sacred.

You are an unique creation of Almighty. In the Garden of Eden same Almighty kept the Apple; same Almighty brought the snake; same Almighty breaded greed in you to eat the Apple; and same Almighty punished you for eating The Apple. 

And the Garden of Eden was destroyed…after you ate the Apple.

And since your early childhood you have been taught that you are punished; humanity was punished, because you ate the Apple. And Sin; Holy words came before you… In the Garden of Eden they both existed, together. You created the differences between Dark and Light; between Good and Bad. And precisely this is the reason; why greed; jealousy. Desire appears bad to you. 

Plus and minus exists together…you cannot remove one, and use another. Accept whatever is there inside you…these are very innocent energy. Even anger is innocent; if used in a right way. Throughout your life; you are always being controlled by your mind. Start controlling your mind; you become the boss of your mind. Your mind has to be in your control.

Your entire body should in your control. And this is only possible, when you recognize yourself. If used in a right way then Greed; Jealousy, these very positive energy. Use this energy of yours; give it a right direction. But again problem is your mind. It will not allow you to do so. And again you will start choosing between right and wrong.  

Meditation will teach you, not to choose between God and Bad; between Dark and Light…use both. If you start understanding first, what is the mystery of this universe; how its moves…then you will land nowhere. 

You just do your duty. Whatever is coming to your mind; give it your best shot. Rest leave it to Almighty…he/she will take care of. And the day you start moving in this way, the day you start doing your duty, without any expectation; leaving the decision on him/her… this realization will come to you that you are still moving in Garden of Eden. 

And then Hope; Desire; Greed; Jealousy Anger…will become you friend. And these so called negative energies will become a tool for you, in understanding yourself. This realization will come to you, that you are simply a part of this universe…existing together, with Good and Bad; Right and Wrong.


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