Saturday, July 5, 2014

God, Meditation and You...the magic Touch

Explosion of nectar is waiting to be exploded, inside you, you are not aware of it...

Have you ever seen, Unseen? Have you ever heard, the voice of Silence? 
Your answer lies in unseen

Some of you believe in God; and some of you do not believe in God.You have to come out from this believe and disbelieve theory. 

The moment your existence; your thoughts are unseen to you, in other words the moment you become Zero (Shunaya); something happens. And whatever happens in that zero moment of yours…is God; full of godliness.

Whatever happens, in that zero moment, is Liberation. Whatever happens, in that zero moment, is your knowledge. When everything is dropped; when ego is dropped completely…Liberation takes birth in-side you; and you are awaken. This awakening is important. 

When there is no past; when there is no future…only Now exists; you meet life. Then you are alive. 

It appears to you that you are alive; you are living…you are not. You have to realize; who you are? This question might have never crossed your mind; because you think, you know that you are alive. You are not alive; you are dead. 

You are in a habit of living in a dead condition; you are in a habit of enjoying dead things. Lively things; things which are full of life never touched you. Your life is always touching you; you never realized it…because, you are not living here; you are living either in your past; or in your future. 

You are busy, either glorifying or lamenting your past deeds; or you are planning for your future. Unless you are secured; unless you are rich, you won’t be happy; this is what you have decided. Your happiness is somewhere in your future. Future is unknown; your happiness is unknown. 

And your life; nature is touching you, playing with you, Now.

You have been missing the touch since beginning; you never felt it. You are not aware of it what is happening to you now. You yourself; your entire existence is full of life…you never realized this. 

You are enjoying your life through your head…always thinking. Meditation is always here; without any thoughts. Here and Now; meditation is happening in-side you, continuously. 

Explosion of nectar is waiting to be exploded, inside you, you are not aware of it

This explosion needs a touch; feather touch, a whisper from you…you are not aware of it.


Only meditation can take you to a place where everything is dropped; absolutely nothing remains, where you become zero…where the final result is waiting for you. And the moment you reach there; fountain of nectar in-side you, which is waiting to explode, finally…Explodes. 

When finally this explosion happens inside you, you will realize…life has been touching you continuously. And the moment you feel the touch of life…you are liberated.


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