Thursday, March 6, 2014

Alchemy, Meditation- You must Refuse...

A tribute, to the great writer, Paulo Coelho “The Alchemist”- ‘What is personal calling? It is God’s blessing; it is the path that God chose for you here,on earth. When we do something that fills us with enthusiasm, we are following our legend. However we do not have courage to confront our own dream. Why?’ 

Above statement of the great writer, ends with a question mark?

It is important...
  • Take a bath 
  • Close your room 
  • Stand nude 
  • Close your eyes, and ask yourself a question- Do you believe in God?
‘God has chosen our path.’ ‘We do not have the courage to confront our own dream. Why?’

It’s amazing…when acceptance becomes a compulsion, whether you are wishing for it or not; whether you like it or not, your liking disliking apart, you have to accept it, then, the word Expression…losses its value. How to express your feelings?

God has already chosen your part…where is the need of confronting it. You have to accept whatever is coming your way, ‘perform your duty, and do not think about the result, (Bhagwat Geeta).’

I say refuse; do not accept. Adhere to your liking or disliking. And in the process of refusing the unmatched duty which is coming your way, if you have to fight with the God…Fight.

If you do not like it, do not accept. Ask for whatever you want to do. Ask for whatever life style you want to lead. Do not compromise. Do not succumb.  If you are not getting, your dissevering result…fight for it. 

Challenge God. Fight with God. And mark my words, if you believe in yourself…this will be your the most Sacred fight.  

Sometimes…Blasphemy is the biggest prayer.

This fight of yours with God…is your prayer- Prey with full devotion. And while fighting…become the fight.  

Your entire being is involved. You have come so far. You have received, so many scars. You have lost everything, virtually.

In the silence of my heart…I deserve this miracle of life. Each day, each hour of yours should be a part of this sacred fight, start living with enthusiasm, stay healthy. Intense, unexpected suffering will make you stronger…if while accepting these suffering, you stay alert. 

Do not refuse, if obstacles are coming your way…on the contrary, accept. Accept your obstacles wholeheartedly; do not allow it to go. Power of love to nurture these scars, and courage to live with it throughout your life, is not easy. To posses this power...Meditate. Meditation is the answer.

You deserve to get your desired result. This needs tremendous courage, to absorb these scars in your very being, and come out of it unscathed. This is miracle…indeed you have the power to perform these Miracles.

Though delayed; you might get fractured outcome…this outcome must come. Years after years, after losing everything, I am smiling, I am healthy…Yes I wish it to happen. This is your Mantra.


This topic is eternal, it is not finished yet…on this topic, we will talk again…

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014 where to go, Accept in Toto...

A nomad was wandering.  He did know where to go, what to do? Simply he was wandering, not destined to go anywhere.

Have you ever seen darkness? 

This too was created in the universe…by the same energy.  Dark and Light…differences was created. Differences were necessary. If differences was not there…light would have loses its value, or vice versa. 

Good, bad, plus and minus…exists together. Accept both. Do not create a division. This division would be false.  Your entire concept of choosing is false. It’s a burden…accept in Toto, whatever is coming your way.

You breakdown, when slightly provoked, by self created adversity. What you cannot control, you are always trying to control. And precisely, this is the root cause of your adverse situation. 

You are trying to hold something. Things are not moving as per your liking. Let it move, on its own. Do not come in-between, as per your capacity; movement of your life will take its own shape. Leave it to nature. 

You just stay alert, watching the movement. You have to understand your relationship, with The Universe. And to understand that…just Meditate. Meditation is the way. Rather the only way left, for your realization. Meditation makes you capable, of understanding yourself.  

You are used to live under stress. Your mind is conditioned. You have been taught the differences between right and wrong. Understanding of this differences, which you have been taught…is wrong. You are mistaken.

Indeed, there lies a difference in right and wrong; good and bad…accept both.  And while accepting…stay alert; awaken.  This awaking…is a must.

Unless you are awaken; unless you come out of your sleep…this realization of your relationship with the universe, is difficult. If you have to choose…obviously you will choose the right thing. And this understanding of yours, what is right, and what is wrong…is wrong, because, you are not awakened. 

Your entire system, in-side you is shaken. Whatever is coming your way, accept it, totally. Do not differentiate, right and wrong, good and bad…accept both- and while doing so…stay alert. 

Move with the wind. The more you try to control…more problems will occur. You will stay disturbed; confused. Do not hold, allow it to happen; whatever is happening to you.  

Self Realization is a must. The day you realize yourself, nothing is left behind. You are complete. This is possible…only through Meditation. 

A nomad was wandering…there was no purpose, he was simply wandering. He was staying in moments; fully alert; fully awaken.  The nomad was enlightened.

There is a deep meaning hidden; when you are simply walking, without any aim; without any purpose- try this…awareness will come to you. And the moment this self realization happens, you will realize that…the entire universe is within you.  


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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meditation- Success, Failure, and You

Success and failure happens…and happening has no criterion, it simply happens

And when you , finally meet your destiny…you are judged. Not before you started. Before your started your journey, you are nobody. After reaching a place…you are judged. Whether you are foolish, uneducated, or you are smart, intelligent educated…you are judged, after your result. 

You are always judged…after your arrival. Whether God is there or not? Whether, the luckiest word ‘Luck’ is there or not? Whether your success, your failure, depends on your personal capacity, or on you luck, or on God, or you have the capacity to create the Universe…it all depends after your Arrival. 

And before arrival, Palmists, Astrologers, Mahatmas are there. The game of speculations…Begins. Your future is predicted. 

You will never get the answer. And if you really wish to get the answer…awareness is needed. Now the question arises…what is Awareness?   It’s not tough, to get the answer. 
  • Your answer lies within you. 
  • You have to just look within.
Now again a question…how to look within?
  • And the answer is… Meditate. 
  • Meditation is your answer. 
Now, another question…how to meditate? There are several ways, more then hundred ways, for meditation. Either go through all, or choose whatever suits you.

There are several books  blogs…on Techniques of Meditation. Go through, read it, Try it. And whatever suits you simply…Meditate.  Like, my blog is on Techniques of Meditation, this article is one of the technique of meditation.
  • You have to understand yourself
  • You have to realize yourself. 
And before you start realizing…Stay Here.

Stay here, simply means-
  • Do not go anywhere 
  • Do not rush
  •  Do not do anything…simply stay where ever you are- Stay Here. 
Watch yourself, several thoughts are coming to you, several things are happening inside you. Just watch, like a witness…just watch. And select your own way. Whatever suits you, pick up.

It takes time. It’s a lengthy process.

Start living from your entire body, not only through your mind, which you have been doing since long. All through your life, you have been living through your mind…always thinking. If you are looking at the Sea, your eyes are not looking, you are looking through your mind.

Stop that, start living through you entire body. Your entire body is important, each and every part of your body is important. Allow your each and every part, to respond. And while doing so…stay alert, stay here.

You will get you answer. And soon you will become aware, and when this awareness happens to you, you will realize, that…You are the Universe.

Rest on this topic…will share our experiences, again…


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