Thursday, March 26, 2015

Youth Power, Frustration, Meditation, and You...

And, you are going to take birth any moment; stay here, and become the witness of your own birth. Become the witness of your own birth.

Youth is powerful; do not waste it. Power helps you in controlling your power. You have to understand what youth power is. 

Yes, the word ‘Power’ attracts. And, unless you attract? 

A magnet has to be there with you. Success; Failure apart; you should attract.

If you are facing too much hardship; then, you have to help yourself. Because, nothing is working in your favor. You have been criticized; you have been ridiculed. Your own people either have deserted you; or knowingly or unknowingly, they have gone against you.

Indeed, here the situation becomes tough. And, in such a tough situation; stay thankful to the Almighty. Feel blessed; because a unique star is going to take birth. Stay blessed. Welcome your opponent. 

This is not easy, mind it. For this, fighting against all odds; keeping your grace; magnet, intact; is not an easy job. You have to become powerful. Daily exercises; will make your body strong. But inner strength comes through meditation. 

Remember, the importance of youth power. You have to start from the beginning. You have to start from zero. And, meditation helps you in taking you at that point; where nothing is left; where complete silence is there, and where something is going to begin; any moment. 

Stay awakened; and become the witness of your rebirth. Yes, your rebirth is possible in this life only. You are going to take birth any moment; become the witness of your own birth. This is power. 

This is enlightenment. Here, in the state of enlightenment, you are not affected. You are simply watching the happening around you. One thing is very important here; you are watching the happening around you not helplessly; rather you are witnessing these happenings. Thus, becoming the witness power; comes through meditation.

Happenings around you; are not in your control. Your own body is not in your control. Either you watch these cosmic happenings staying helpless; or become a witness and watch these happenings. 

Here, the choice is yours. If you are helpless; then you are in trouble. Then, facing your life’s cruelty, sometimes, will become frustrating for you. And your frustration, sometimes, might destroy you. 

You have to become powerful; if you wish to be victorious. You can win. You are born as a winner. Winning is very near to you. Any moment it’s going to happen; you are going to win. Simply stay there; and become a witness in watching the miracle in happening. 

Youth is powerful; do not waste it. You can stay in your youth forever. Yes, it is possible through meditation.  Staying in a moment is the key word. When you stay in a moment then you can witness the happening of miracles in your life anytime; because, you are staying in a moment. 

Power helps you; in controlling your power. And, if your power is controlling you; in other words, if you are being controlled by your power, then trouble is there. You have to control your power. This is youth power. 

Meditation is the only technique, through which you can acquire this power. Among the various techniques of meditation; choose one, and start practicing meditation. 

You have to become the Master. You have to become the controller of your destiny; then only, against all odds, in your life, yet, you can become victorious…