Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meditation, Money, Power

Sustain enthusiasm can create wonders for you. 

Now the question arises… How to sustain? Sustain what? The answer is…sustain enthusiasm; sustain the desire for money; sustain the longing to acquire power. 

You want to be successful; moneyed; powerful…everybody wants, very few gets. You have to understand- What is money? What is power? Why do you want to acquire it? You have to understand. You have to understand your desire to acquire it.

People who have achieved it are equally disturbed; equally frustrated…as you are. People who couldn't get it, are happy to think; or to know, that the person who has achieved it; got it, is worst then him…he is not happy. And he goes on saying…what is the use of money; what us the use of power? Money cannot buy everything. This is dangerous; in fact; both situations, are dangerous. 

Be careful. Extreme richness; extreme poverty both are dangerous. 

A man who has got everything with him is happy to note, that he is better then a poor fellow. Rich man is happy; looking at a poor man; and his difficulties. A poor man is happy to note that a rich; powerful man cannot get an illness cured in his family; a rich man is living a disturbed family life.And then he goes on saying what is the use of Power; what is the use of money, further that poor goes on proclaiming that; money cannot by love, money cannot buy peace; money cannot buy this, money cannot buy that. 

You keep comparing the situation, and then you reach at a conclusion, and then either you are happy; or you are sad. It depends; what the situation, the circumstance is saying. Your happiness is depended on circumstance. You sadness is depended on a situation. This is absurd; you are not free. 

Then what is the use of money; if it cannot give you happiness? Achiever is afraid of losing it. Achiever is not keeping well; he has some decease which cannot be cured; he keeps on spending money on his illness; he is just surviving. Both are not happy…what to do? 

And the more you try to do, the more difficult it becomes; rather it brings other problems along with…What to do? You have to understand yourself. You have to understand your need. You have to understand the limitation…like you simply cannot go on eating, to fill your hunger. When you are no hungrier; when you have acquired enough for your hunger, then rest is a waste for you.

But you will keep; if it is being destroyed, it does not matter to you…you will keep. And here, the problems, starts. This you have to understand…you have to understand your need. 

Money is important. Power is needed. But for what you need it, and how much you need? This you have to understand; you have to realize, that rest will be a waste. 

And this is not possible. Because…your longing for Money and Power is, your greed; not your need. So, you have to understand the difference; between your need, and your greed. Your greed is your enemy. And if you understand your greed; then it is friendly. Then your greed is your power. 

Now, you must understand…How to use this power; where to stop. This, where to stop, understanding is important. Your understanding and ability to stop you greed; is you real power. And when you understand this power, then no other power is needed to you. 

Meditation helps in understanding this power. Meditation helps you; in understanding greed.

This is simply your power of understanding yourself; which can change your life; which can simply take you to a place, where you will realize, that to what extent…Money and Power is needed.   


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