Monday, August 25, 2014

Meditation, Desire, Success and You…

And the moment Almighty created Heart; desire started taking birth. If there is no heart; there is no desire and if there is no desire,there is no motivation; and if there is no motivation, there is no life. So you must desire; go on desiring there is no harm.

Desire creates interest; desire motivates you to achieve your desired results. And when you meet your success; you are fulfilled. There is no success; there is no life. Then your life is dead. Success has to be there. 

Fulfillment of desire makes life worth living; makes life more beautiful. You must desire. Let us play a game; a small game. Whenever you desire anything; whenever desire takes birth inside you; stay there; stay there means do not start thinking of meeting this desire, though this is your habit to reach the destination when yet you are traveling. In between tour travel you start thinking about reaching your destination and finally, when actually you reach your destination pleaser of reaching there is gone; because you had already reached there during your journey in your thoughts.

Now your pleasure of reaching your destiny was fake; because you did not allow it to happen; you killed the mystery before. And this is a fact of your life; you have been living a fake life; fake happiness; you are always thinking. You are never here; either you are in your past, or you are in your future; never here. Past is gone, future is unknown; what is very much alive; full of life your present; you are not here; you are either thinking or planning. 

Whenever desire is taking birth, inside you, allow it to happen; and stay there, wherever you are at that time, stay there; do not move. Desiring is a beautiful process; enjoy it. Whether your desire is going to be fulfilled or not is an entirely different thing; you are not involved there; so do not think of that; simply enjoy your desiring. 

Dreaming, and desiring is similar; dreamers are romantic. You should be in love with your life; you should always romance with your life; then only you will get a real meaning of your life. Let your desire take birth inside you when you are in a romantic mood; stay with your desire, now, whatever thought is coming to you to see your desire happening in reality, do that; just remember; while doing so simply stay there; do not start thinking about your destination, and reach there in your thought. Whatsoever is happening to you; when you desire, welcome it and use it; do it.

Now the game is over. Now this is the way to plan your future; your success; your desired goal. This will be called; planning in meditation. This is it; this very process of your desiring, and planning is meditation. 

Your life is meditation; where all process, the very functioning of your life is in your control. And when you are living a meditated life; then your desire, your success is not an ordinary success; then it becomes divine. So there is no problem in desiring, desiring is innocent, only your mind is full of these things that desire is bad; greed is bad; both are good if taken in a right perspective. Become a dreamer; desire, plan to achieve in a meditated way; and achieve your desired success.


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