Thursday, December 27, 2012

Astrology, Luck and You

An Astrologer was about to knock the door of your good fortune… mystery of the Universe was about to lose its grip…

someone was yelling…‘Luck only favors the brave’, Coincident, managed to creep in, and the Person that Astrologer was talking too…got little success. He was happy.

The Astrologer had won his confidence. That man was happy, simultaneously he was worried too…what will happen if he loses this success, how long this happiness will last? He contacted the Astrologer again. And the Astrologer came to his rescue again…and this continued.

Throughout your life this is happening to you. ‘Luck only favors the brave’- how to become brave? And what about those people who are not brave. Now bravery is the key, for you. 

You have been missing the point although your life. First of all you have to decide, how you want to be happy? When you will be secured…you will be happy. When your misery will go, then you will be happy. When you will become rich, then you will be happy. This future tense is the problem. 

If luck is there everything will be all right…remove this IF.
  • Take a deep breath. 
  • Come out from this hustles.
  •  Relax.
  • Everything is here, within you.
  • You have to just cast a glance. 
The more deep you go, in life…the more understanding will start coming to you. What were you... before you came to this planet Earth? It’s not known to you…nobody knows about this.

Astrology claims the answer. Astrologer never knew about astrology, when he took birth. Later astrological signs came at the surface. Your future can be predicted, by your astrological sign. 
  • Stay here
  • No past
  • No future
  • Everything is here
  • Past is gone
  • Future is yet, to come...not known 
Astrologer can predict, after reading your astrological sign.

Very simple method…Stay here, you will get the answer. Sorrow, Happiness, Hard Time, Good Time, are all part of life. Accept whatever comes to you. If you are doing this meditatively…it will merge, evolve.

All through your life you lived worrying. Because, your happiness is conditional… and your happiness is in your future…it is not here. Future never comes…it is always Present- Here and Now. Stay in moment. Your moment is full of life.

Life can be fulfilled if it accepts both…Good luck and bad luck. When there is no division, between good and bad, when there remains no gape, when you become a circle, where there is no beginning, no end…Life is yours-Fulfilled.

Luck is not known to you. You are going to an Astrologer; you tell him about your astrological sign, then he predicts, he tells you the ways; the rituals to be performed, to be happy; to be lucky.

Nobody can predict that you will always stay happy. And if it is so, if misery; bad times are bond to keep coming, in spite of your visit to your astrologer; in spite of your performing rituals; in spite of the methods your astrologer has asked you to perform, if Misery; Stress; Negativity has to keep coming…what is the use.
  • Accept the life as it is. 
  • Accept, whatever comes to you. 
  •  Drink the poison, staying AWAKE- it will become Elixir.
You are destined. The day you were born, your destiny is fixed. Your liking, disliking apart…your destiny is fixed. You cannot do anything, you are destined, if you do not like it- Refuse to accept it, fight it out, with your full might.

During adversity, when nothing works…stay like a rock, unaffected. When adversity knocks your door, or when you are fully into your adversity…Instead of lamenting, or finding the cause of its happening –create another opportunity for you. 

‘Luck favors the brave’. Start believing in yourself…same God has created you- Godliness resides in you…go and pick-up your DESTINY- Amen.


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