Friday, September 19, 2014

Meditation; Sex; Importance of Living and You…

Living is important and it is an art; you must live your life; else there is no point in living. If you are not living your life then there is no point in living. Then this life is a waste. You have been living your life; at least this appears to you. This appears to you that you are living your life; and this appearance is false.

You are not aware of it that you have been continuously missing your life. You never realize; what life is; you never realize what sex is. You have been condemning sex; to you this is something bad; you have been taught in this way. 

The realization of Sex is the first step towards Nirvana; celibacy. And because of your ignorance you have been condemning sex. Sex used in a wrong way, without understanding it; is bad. And you have been doing it in the wrong way without understanding it; and the resulting diseases; other harmful things keep happening and these so called moralist kept yelling at you; ‘look it is bad’; and after being convinced by it that sex really is bad; you went on living your life; thinking that you have understood what life is. 

Moralist; Religion kept destroying the fabric; and you accepted it considering it bliss. And you kept missing life; you kept missing the fabric. Life is purpose to you; a goal has to be achieved; without goal, without ambition life is useless; then someone said ‘without goal life is like a ship without radar’. And that was the missing point.

Nature has no purpose; Wind has no purpose, no aim; no ambition. And nature is so beautiful; full of health; full of life. Put purpose in nature; and the very second nature will lose its charm. Something has to be done; and without understanding what has to be done you went on destroying the fabric; the beauty of your life. Result entire life became ugly; dead; and since you are not aware of it; your ignorance made it beautiful; a false facade. 

This myth has to be broken. Meditate; meditation will take you closer to life. Acceptance of everything whatsoever is coming to you; without any discrimination is life. Life is simply life; no purpose; no goal; no ambition; there is nothing to be achieved; simply live your life; the way it is coming to you. Do not disturb your life. 

When you are in sex at; stay there. Sex is full of life; stay in the sex act; do not think; do not move in your future planning something; searching some goal. Sex is not a purpose; sex is natural. There is nothing to achieve in sex. Sex itself is full of all ingredients; you do not have to put anything extra. When in the sex act stay there.

Sex is life; live it; without any purpose. The day this question came to your mind that ‘what is the meaning of life’; you're missing the basic fabric of life; started. Life has no purpose; life is nature; just stay there; without any force; without adding anything.

And the day you start living your life in awareness; staying aware...importance of living life will be unfolded before you for the first time. The true meaning of life will come to you. What is life; in its actual, real face will appear before you. 

Living life without understanding has no meaning; then life will disturb you. And precisely this is the reason; why there are so many unrest around; people are killing each other in the name of religion; there is no trust; there is no peace around. 

Everybody is disturbed; rich is not happy; they have their own worries; poor is not happy; they have their own problems. 

Tough time; good time keeps coming; accept both with grace. If disturbance is coming; stay disturb, look at your disturbance, your sorrow; accept it with a grace; and it will not bother you. If happiness is there; take it in a natural way; do not get affected; then your happiness will not bother you with a thought that what will happen if it go away. 

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Stay normal; and to stay normal; accept abnormal; live your life fully; accepting life as it is.