Monday, June 22, 2015

God and Happiness; Meditation and Prayer- and, if God is not listening to you?

Forget God; become your own God, if God is not listening to you. Concentrate on you; concentrate on your mind. Your mind will show you the way. Your mind is very powerful; use this power of yours.

Instead of getting frustrated; or, instead of becoming vindictive; or instead of feeling jealous; use your mind. Use your energy in finding the way; how to use your mind?

Do not waste your time in pleasing God, or finding the reason; why God is not listening to you? Forget the reason of your failure; whether you are incompetent or, you are a victim of your previous life sin; and God is punishing you in this life. Forget all these rubbish; and concentrate your energy in finding the way out inside you.

There are many Gods. The beauty of God is He/She is everywhere. So, to find the key to happiness of yours; you have to search God; you have to look within.

It is your happiness; it is your life. You have to search this answer within you. frustration; feeling jealous, or feeling vindictive is natural. Do not bother much about these things; your target is to find the answer of your happiness. become your own God. And solve your problems.

It is always you; who can solve your problems. No other God will come to your rescue. Yes, to gather inner strength; practice meditation. Meditation makes you strong; from inside. Meditation opens your eyes; to look within. For physical; practice yoga. Yoga keeps you healthy.

Combination of Meditation and Yoga; keeps you alive, with a radiant complexion; under any circumstance.

Depression, anger, whatever is coming to you; allow it to come; allow them to hit you; stay unaffected. Do never try to stop anger or frustration; it is natural, they will come to you; allow them to come, do not try to stop them; you cannot, allow them to come.

Stay alert; stay awakened, accept; whatever is coming to you through meditation. Keeping yourself fit is extremely important under any circumstance. If you're healthy; if you are strong; then only you can look within. and the day you understand how to look within; and the day you start looking within; you will find your answer there; hidden within. 

God is residing inside you; continuously She/He is asking you to look within; yelling "I am here within you". 

Stop worrying. Worry causes stress; and stress creates chaos inside you. You cannot listen to God's calling amid chaos; inside you.

And the day you understand you; and the day you understand what life is; God will start listening you. Have faith in you; if you are having faith in you; you are having faith in God. And this is the key word 'faith'. 

You have been taught all through your life, that have faith in God. You must have listened to others saying that, because you are not having faith in God that is why She/He is not listening to you.

And instead of looking within, you start searching God in religious places; in holy books. and your misery continues. Simple things never attracted you; because you have been taught to set a goal first, then prepare yourself to achieve your Goal.

You do no have to achieve anything. Your preparation to achieve something is faulty. That is why you become frustrated when you do not get your desired results. And you waste your whole life in finding the reason; why God is not listening to you.

And then you create more damage to you; when you start preparing yourself; how to please God? 

You have forgotten yourself completely. You are continuously busy; in achieving something, and in pleasing God, and finding ways to happiness.

Stay here; wherever you are. There is nothing to be achieved; it is there inside you. How happiness will come to you; how God will listen to you? 

And, unless you keep you happy; happiness will not come to you; God will not listen to you. Your voice is not reaching to God; how She/He will listen to you?

How to compel God to listen to you, and, how to keep you happy- just forget God, and look within; and you will find, God is listening to you...