Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meditation, Relationship, Separation, Marriage, and You…

It was a very smart move of The Almighty to create the mind. 

Freedom is alone; not lonely. Do not cling. Do not hold. Do not feel responsible; for the mishaps. It is not you who are running the Universe. 

Troubles, doubts are natural; allow it to come…do not put hindrance. Do never try to know how the Universe moves? You have simply to act...The Act is already set for you. If separation is inevitable; welcome it; yes, it might leave behind bad taste; swallow it, accept it. 

You are not responsible for your deeds. You are merely playing your part. It’s very strange to maintain a relationship for the whole life; it is absurd. You are not sure about the next moment what is going to happen; and you expect a relationship for the whole life. 

The word Marriage itself sounds strange. You take an oath to stay together, in harmony for the whole life; indeed, it is absurd. If it works it is fine, else, it is disturbing. You may try to adjust; and for the rest of your life go on adjusting forever; you have to take a decision; before your marriage.

The first few months are OK; but after a few years, or months, trouble starts. Now children are there; you do have a responsibility towards them. You have to, and you should look-after them. Do not trouble your children; they are delicate. So, what to do?

This is what you have to think before marriage. If you have decided to go for a marriage, and you take The Oath; come what may you have to maintain it. The day you marry; your life either starts; or that very moment your life finishes for good. Here you have to decide; you cannot claim it was in your destiny. Because, while creating you, The Almighty has given you a power to think; understand, and then decide.

It was your decision to marry; do not blame God. Human life is full of contradiction; and that’s the beauty. Remove contradiction from your life; and your life becomes becomes dull. So, what to do if you are married? Follow the mundane rule; and maintain your marriage till the end...there is no other alternative is left for you. 

Your mind is very cunning. It was a very smart move of The Almighty to create the mind. Whatever situation you are in; gradually you adjust; your mind adjusts. Your mind creates favorable situations for you. And that is why even amid adversity; people do laugh. 

So, it is all your mind game; apparently yes, but deep within is your life; and you have full right to live it with joy. Now the question is…How to live with joy? Problem with problems is; one problem finishes, another problem arises; what to do? And this mark of interrogation keeps following you. Sometimes life becomes a problem...How to live? 

Again, there is a question mark? Enlightenment; Celibacy; Liberation, can be attained in a family life too. It depends how you are looking at your life? You have to meditate; to understand life. You have to judge yourself; that under any circumstances, come what may; you will keep your marriage life healthy…then you may go for it. If you are not convinced; if you cannot tackle hardship…then you may not marry.

Remember freedom is alone; not lonely. You are simply a part of a big game; you are simply acting your part; the day this realization comes to you, whether you are married, or unmarried; that very moment you are liberated. 


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