Monday, April 11, 2011

Divorce, Meditation and You

Somewhere deep down... a great wind is blowing- - you are not aware of it. The solution is within are not aware of it.

Your mind is controlling you... you are not aware of it. You are always thinking.

Cling to each other when divorce is unavoidable.

•Take a deep breath
•Do not do anything
•The depth of the Ocean is within you.
•And the day you feel this depth, you will realize divorce is not needed.

You are going to marry someone, ask yourself a question...'do you believe in Trust'. Time is moving continuously... without bothering your suffering.

You are always being ruled by your mind. Mind is telling you the to divorce. Mind keeps telling you the methods...getting over divorce. And divorce how to decide...becomes the center point, for you.

It is always present. Start living in, present... start living in moments. Time keeps changing. Ratios of divorces are increasing every day. Fights between spouses... bitterness; doubts; infidelity; adultery and many other such things, are increasing everyday.

It seems to you, that divorce or separation is the only option left... to live in harmony, to live in peace. And you start planning, your process of divorce. How to divorce becomes your main concern.

You should always keep in mind that you are responsible... you have created a family. You have created a new world for you. Obstacles; misunderstandings miseries are bound to occur... face it. Do not run away.

Ask a question to yourself, before your marriage... 'Can you tackle the unpleasant situations, in a positive way?' If the answer is yes, go ahead... a new beginning is waiting for you.

You are happily married. Suddenly an ugly situation has come up... and it is at the verge of a breaking point. Take a deep breath, look into the situation. It cannot be solved. Do not try to solve it. Accept it as it is.

Do not opt for divorce, or separations... live together. Your acceptance will create a vision in you...and you will see- - miracle is happening.

Divorce touches the tender, delicate a vicious way. God has created them through are responsible. Give them a healthy a together.

When moving amidst difficult days... keep yourself at others place...and then, feel the reaction. Think, how you would have reacted, if you were in his/her place? You will realize... the solution is within you.

Separation or divorce might give you a convincing thought... that this separation will solve the problem. And you might come back, in a more healthy way. That never happens.

There might be a momentary relief... but the seed remained there. And it will come back, with double force...anytime. The very seed has to go.

Do not divorce, do not each other in swallowing the bitter pill. Accept the obscenity gracefully. Do not try to change, cling to will go, along with the seed.

'It is easy to advice, if you live in a similar situation, then only you will realize'...such thoughts might come to you. Again, do not try to stop it...allow it to come... absorb it. Ask a question, to yourself- -'who is the boss, you or these absurd thoughts?

You should command your mind, or your mind should command you? You are the boss. You will command. Do not become a slave. Do not allow few ugly circumstances to rule you and destroy your life... you are the ruler. You should rule.

And this is meditation.


PS: And to move achieve this peak of meditation- -where only Love has taken over anger, jealousy, ego and greed...there is no harm in trying certain methods...keep growing. If you have lost someone...get her/him back- -How... click here