Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Simplest meaning of Meditation is Not Going Anywhere

Meditation happens... let it happen - Happening, just happens... happening has no criteria.

Either you are remembering your past; either glorifying or lamenting; either you are cursing yourself or you are praising yourself or you are thinking about future; planning your future - which is unknown.

You are always moving... you are never here-- Mediation says... do not go anywhere.

It is happening; it is always happening; inside you-- you are some where else; either in your past regretting or praising... or you are in your future.

On the path of enlightenment, Meditation is an extremely important tool-- stay here... remain there; where ever you are.

You have learned...concentrate, do not allow your mind to think anything else-- concentrate. And you are concentrating on a subject; you go on sitting for long-- after some time your Meditation is finished; your exercise is finished... you are relived, momentary. Again, next morning you start the same process-- and it goes on and on throughout your life-- at the end you are bewildered; nothing happened

You are living through your mind... mind is a powerful tool-

Try living through your entire body. each and every part of your body is important.

Breath through your nostril, not through your mind-- look at the nature, through your eyes not through your mind-- let the nostril breath; let the eye see.

While breathing, you are thinking that, you are breathing; while looking at the nature again, you are thinking that, you are looking at the nature.

While meditating - different thoughts are coming; mind is wavering... allow it to waver; allow whatever thought is coming to you-- do not fight... do no create a gap

Become wavering; become different thoughts - allow whatever is happening... remain awake; remain alert.
While looking at the nature, look through your eyes; breath through your nose-- remain there where ever you are... let it happen; whatever is happening to you; do not move; do not go anywhere-- live through your entire body

Mediation happens-- happening has no criteria.. let it happen

Meditation is always Now...Here and Now. It is here, very much inside you-- stay there, where ever you are... You will feel its happening.

You do not need any particular place or time for Meditation-- it can happen anywhere... in you office; at you residence or in the market.

Remain alert, aware- what ever you are doing, do it honestly... give your best-- do not think of finishing your work... keep on working with full attention; become the work; become the project-- whatever so called technique or method you have acquired for Meditation-- do it sincerely... give your best-- Meditation will happen.

Yes, Meditation happens-- it is always happening; it is within you-- you just have to cast a glance inside-- doing is a force; happening happens-

Do not go hard way to learn the techniques of meditation-- whatever is coming to your mind just do it-- do it honestly; give you best... full attention; full dedication

In search of Meditation, You have to relax, become quite- You are not in a hurry. You do not have to rush, to reach anywhere...remain there. To Improve Your Memory, it's an excellent exercise.

How To Mediate, is the first step. You must know the ways... Mediation For-- indeed; in the process of doing something...something happens-- remain awake

You might have come to know... while meditating, concentrate at an object. You go on sitting for hours, after f nothing happens. You keep repeating the action, months together, years together. And nothing happens -
  • Do not concentrate-- float withe time... remain in the moment
  • While concentrating, you are concentrating through your mind, your mind is busy
  • Let the whole body merge into The Universe-- feel the vibration
  • Each and every pore of your body, should dance, should sake
  • Do not concentrate...MERGE.
To move into meditation, to remain in prayer-- use this method...it will help you-- how? Just click here