Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marriage, Divorce, Separation and You

Anticipate your worst situation, which will destroy your married life. 

Remember, this you are merely anticipating; this you are imagining in a worst possible way…’if such situations occurs, how I’ll react; how I shall solve it?

Talk to yourself; discuss with your partner- then take The Oath.

The famous line, ‘Marriages are made in heaven’…broken on earth. 

You might feel that divorce, or separation is the only solution, of your troubled married life. You might be right in your own way. Actually...your trouble starts here. 

After your divorce, same problem with different shape, in disguise…will follow you. You go on giving divorce after divorce; you go on being separated again ‘n again…there is no ending…your trouble stays with you. 

You might get relief, after your divorce, or separation…that is also there. It is better to end a bad marriage… that is also true.
Decide before you marry…two people have taken oath; to stay together for rest of the life. All over, it’s a custom to take oath, of staying together, before you marry.

After your divorce/separation, sometimes you wish to come back again…then it is too late. Time moves fast…move with the Time. Understand your life; know yourself first…solution is within you. 

You consult Marriage Consular. 

Your answer is within you…not with your marriage consular. Every person has his/her own way of thinking…it might not match with your thought…consult your partner, instead. Take a mutual decision. 

In-between your ego and your togetherness; what is more important…that both of you have to decide. Children are more important, or you ego…that you both have to decide.  Whatever are the reasons behind your divorce/separation…you have to weigh the priority, and then take the decision.  

Whether you are a bachelor, or you are married...stress; problems, sometimes total failure, come in your life. Understand your problems, accept it, and solve it. How to solve it, that you have to decide.

  • Do not run away from your duly.
  • Give much time to your family; understand each others need.
  • Give space to each other.
  • Do not make it suffocated.

 God has sent you, on this earth, to perform certain duties. He has also put hurdles on your way. If a bad phase has entered your life…accept it.

Keep yourself at others place, and then you would have reacted, in such a situation? You will get the answer.  

Both of you start Meditating. Meditation is the only answer. Take care of each other. Take each others advice. And then take a wise decision.

  • Go for an outing together.
  • Look at other people’s life.
  • What is ugly, drop it completely.
  • Divert your mind…stubbornness will harm you; it will not solve your problems.
  • Stay flexible.
Look at the brighter side of the life. Start taking interest in each others need. Change the color of your bedroom.

Start living together…for others satisfaction. Togetherness will give you a new life. You will start understanding life, in a better way. Avoid divorce or separation…Enjoy Life….   


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