Friday, May 2, 2014

Sex, Meditation and You…

...Feel the entire sexual act like a holy communication with the existence... Liberation is possible, only through Sex. 

Ignorance is certainly not bliss here. You have been missing the fragrance all through your life... Sex is sacred. Another name of creation is Sex. 

You are born out of sex. The most condemned thing of life. Everything is a product of Sex. You are born sexual. Sigmund Freud agreed with the importance of sex. 

Your mind is conditioned; since beginning.  You have been taught; sex is bad. You are scared. The very sex act, which is blissful, appears bad to you.  

Sex is Meditation. Prey in a deep sexual act; when you both are together…and feel; realize the Truth. Take it as a prayer; as a meditation…as if you are in a deep meditation; deep conversation with the universe. This conversation with the universe is needed. 

After this conversation with the universe; you will realize that you are one; you are like a circle; where there is no beginning; no end. This feeling; this realization has to take birth. And the word birth is only possible through Sex. 

This is important; the most important thing; the most lively fact…is been condemned severely. You have to come out of your conditioned mind. You have to wake up. This waking up act will take you towards enlightenment…and this is possible, only through Sex. 

This is catharsis. The most holy; the most sacred act is condemned…you should not be surprised in looking at the mess around you. To understand this, meditate.

Meditation will take you to the reality; and the day you realize this fact, that the most sacred fact in this universe is Sex…that very second; you will be reborn. 

To realize the truth; to realize yourself, what you are…this rebirth is needed. You have to die; your ignorance has to die; your negative conditioned mind has to die…then only this rebirth is possible. Your very breathe is sexual.  

This entire universe is sexual. This is the only act where your entire ego vanishes; nothing remains; a great vacuum appears; total empty; which cannot be measured; you can enter eternal emptiness …and whatever comes out in this emptiness is...Fact (Satya). 

And the fact, which has appeared in your emptiness, is God… in Sanskrit; Moksha... the final and full liberty.

If you are not independent; how you can enjoy this blissful life? Liberation is possible,only through Sex. Very deep communication emerges, with your partner, when you are into the sacred act...totally forgetting everything. This communication with your partner will take you to a place, where you will realize that you are not two; you are one, and when this oneness appears…you are liberated.

You have been told since beginning that Sex is bad. Sex education is bad. You always feel that, sex is something shameful. And that’s why whenever you are in the sexual act; or sexual thoughts come to you…you feel guilty; ashamed. And this guilt feeling of yours, has created all mess inside you.

Ignorance is certainly not bliss here. This ignorance has created havoc in your life. This is the reason why, very rarely you find a happy; healthy; fulfilled; full of life people, around you. Mostly you find frustration; unhappiness; anger; jealousy around you. 

This negativity has literally killed you. You have been missing the fragrance all through your life. And you go search of fragrance; peace.  You start knocking the doors of temples; churches; mosques, all religious places. You do not know the fact, that…the most Sacred place; the most religious place is hidden inside you...which, you are scared to take out, or you are scared to recognize its depth, because you have been taught since beginning, that...Sex is bad.

Awake…Sex is Sacred

If you are looking at the sea, that is also sexual. Your very existence is sexual. And you have been denying its importance... since beginning.

Entire Universe is sexual; everything around you is sexual…accept it as a prayer; feel the entire sexual act like a holy communication with the existence...and you will feel, you are amid bliss…

Stop Press: Yes, this topic, on Sex, is eternal; it cannot be finished, hence on this subject, Sex... we will keep communicating- When in the Sexual act, stay there…feel the bliss- all the best… 

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