Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meditation, Lonliness, and You…

You are at your best when you are alone. Loneliness can become fatal; the loneliness can become bliss, it depends how you are taking it. It is entirely you; you have to decide your future. 

God has equipped you with everything.  You are frustrated, you are alone and you are lonely. Here loneliness either can become fatal for you; or it can turn into bliss for you; it all depends how you are taking it. Yes, this power of understanding you and to decide how you are going to take this it depends upon you; how powerful you are. 

If you are powerful then only you can decide how to tackle your unwanted misery. And this power comes through Meditation. It is not easy either to possess such powers; rarely it happens when a person becomes so powerful that his/her wishes are under his/her control.  

It is not a rocket science either; it can be achieved. Determination to fight your battle alone brings this power. Again, this determination comes when you are alone; lonely. The power to control you comes; take birth when you are lonely. Loneliness can become powerful, a bliss; if you simply wish it to happen this way.

Let the misery hit you the way it is coming; does not matter if you are lonely. Make this loneliness your strength; stay lonely not aloof. There is a serious problem with you and that problem is all through your life you have been leading your life through your mind; in other words, your mind has been controlling you since the beginning. And the mind is very strong; very cunning; it keeps creating hallucinations for you as per your whims; and you very easily led into the trap. 

Precisely this is the reason of your misery.Precisely this is the reason why there are so many unrest. Why nobody is happy; why there is so much chaos inside you. You can control it.You can become one among those rare person who controls their destiny; they get desired destiny; they get desired death. And it is very simple to achieve it; meditate, meditation gives many things. 

Through meditation you can reach a state where you can realize for the first time in your life that who you are. For the first time your inner strength; remember your all answers of your all questions are lying inside you.there is no other God who will come and help you; has it ever happened that your God has come on the earth and saved you from your misery? 

If you keep thinking that one day your God will come and save; you are simply fooling yourself; there is no God. God is simple; God resides inside you. But you have refused to recognize you. That is why there are so many miseries and this is the reason your loneliness is full of noise; chaos. 

You have to clean this. And to clean this simply meditate.Meditation is the best techniques to control you; to understand you. Only through meditation you can reach a state where you meet, for the first time,with you. And the day you meet, you; you will realize that your loneliness is your biggest asset. For the first time you will realize that this awakening has happened when you are alone; lonely, no chaos. And for the first time you will realize that loneliness is God; All the best