Monday, April 28, 2014

Meditation, Failure, Depression and You…

Sustaining existence can create miracles for you. 

Engulfed by, fatigue, panic attacks, depression, caused by a failure in life, it might appear to you that you are doomed. 

In such a situation; your mind refuses to get charged, your mind becomes dull. You lose energy; you feel tiered, all the time. You lose interest in life. Existence appears dull to you. You do not feel like doing anything; you feel like sleeping all the time. 

Here, you need a deep sleep; to strike back. You need a deep sleep to rejuvenate yourself. The only way left to you is…sleep well. Mind it; it becomes dangerous too. You might not get up again. You might become dull. You might lose whatever energy is left in your life.

In such a situation…Meditate. Yes, Meditation is the only answer to recharge you. Meditation takes you to an inner depth, where you realize…what you are; who are you. And this introduction with your real self…will inject a new life in you.

Failure happens in life; sometimes it does become repressive; unbearable. Sometimes God tests you bitterly. This happens; at a time your own shadow refuses to recognize you; you are left alone. 

If you are alert; if you know Meditation, then you will realize that this state of being alone; this loneliness is a bliss. Journey towards celibacy is a lonely process. 

You should be thankful to God; that after testing you severely; he is indicating your path. The only process you should follow; the only thing you should do…is amid heavy depression, stay calm. This calmness is another way of sleeping. 

But this sleep is not easy to achieve; here, in this sleep, you have to stay awaken; alert.  Alertness is the key. Whatever difficult situation you are in…stay alert; do not sleep. You must sleep…staying alert; awake.  

This can happen to you; when your entire being is in your control. When you realize that whatever situation is there before you, it has to be there, you cannot refuse it.  So, amidst deep depression…Confront your depression; challenge your depression. And while doing so; while challenging, and confronting your depression…stay alert; awaken.   

You have immense energy; power, hidden in-side you. You have to recognize this; you have to realize this. Realization of your self is the answer of your misery. Hard times; bad time do comes in your life. God will not solve it. Nobody can solve your problems.

Only, you can solve it. You have to learn; how to bear it. Sustaining existence can create miracles for you. That’s why it is said, that ‘human being is capable of creating miracles'. 

You power is supreme. God has given you immense power; you should know how to use it. God resides in you; you are God. That is why when you are facing tough time, and you go on praying to God to solve it; he does not listen. And you start thinking, that God is not answering your prayer. 

God has given you everything, use it. How to use this power? First you have to feel that this power is hidden somewhere inside you; detect it, and then you must learn how to use it, to your advantage.  

Yes, it is a tricky situation; if you do not know how to use it; it might work against you. So, first you have to learn, how to use it. This learning process; this teacher who will teach you…are hidden inside you. You are the teacher. 

You, yourself is the best teacher; best guide; best university. Mystery will be unfolded before you; only when you seek for it. This longing will open many gates for you.  This longing has to be there. Unless you desire for it; unless you wish to operate it yourself…nothing will happen. 

You have to operate it, yourself.  Cut your own wound and stitch it. I’ll suggest meditate daily; and you will observe soon …that many gates are opening for you...and when you see gates are opening for you, stay there, alert; awaken.    


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