Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meditation, Betrayal, Revenge and You...

And once you reach within that point of silence; everything stops for a second, less than a second, merely a flicker; and in that moment of flicker; you revenge is taken; you do not need to take revenge again... 

Never react; always Act. 

You are betrayed.  You want to take revenge.  This pain is unbearable. Before planning to take revenge; of the betrayal, make yourself strong; your defense has to be strong. You cannot move forward without a strong defense. Unless your defenses strong; you won’t be able to do anything. 

And to make your defense strong; you have to make your bearing capacity strong. Whatever attacks you are getting from your destiny, you should be able to bear it. Unless your defense is strong, unless you are able to bear the pain; how you will make a strong offensive move. 

Never forget injustice; never forget betrayal; but at the same time do not allow it to eat you. You keep the injustice, you hold the betrayal; it will always motivate you; to take the revenge. 

Either you forget it completely; or if you wish to take the revenge, take for once; and yours, this one time taken revenge should be extremely powerful; you should be able to finish your opponent completely. 

And for that, to become strong; meditate. Meditation gives a lot. Meditation makes you strong. Through meditation you learn; how to bear. And once your sustaining power is strong; once you are strong from inside; you do not need to become offensive. Your silence is more powerful than atomic; and deep within you are silent. 

And once you reach within that point of silence; everything stops for a second, less than a second, merely a flicker; and in that moment of flicker; you revenge is taken; you do not need to take revenge again. 

Ignorance is another most powerful tool. If you go on ignoring every move; every strike of your opponent; your opponent losing all strength, will fall; might die out of shock.

Let us understand it with an example- Imagine two boxers are fighting for each other’s life in a ring. One boxer is a heavyweight champion and the opposite is a simpleton unknown fellow. Now further imagine; collecting all his strength that heavy weight champion throws the most disastrous death blow punch to that simpleton, and that simpleton do not move, simply smiles back unharmed; that champion with a shock, thinking that it was his deadliest blow ever he had given to anybody and this simple looking did not blink even, will fall down. 

This is the charisma of sustaining; bearing; making your defense strong; you will become so strong that your only one blow will shake the entire universe. That kind of toughness, strength meditation brings to you. 

Here at this point you are so strong that you do not have to do anything to take revenge. Your opponent; your betrayer, who taking advantage of your little unfavorable time, tried to destroy you; will fall down receiving the shock.

Here two things are working in your favor; first, your meditation has made you too strong, you can sustain bear any kind of shock; setback, nothing can destroy you, nothing can move you; secondly, your ignoring capacity has made your opponent weak; you kept ignoring as if nothing happened to you even after receiving that severe  blow . 

This is the story of life; troubles do come; some time life tastes you too bitterly, too severely; you should accept the blow; accept the test. Never react; always act. Your defense has become so strong that you do not have to make any offensive move. Keep sailing; keep floating; and the Victory is yours.