Thursday, April 17, 2014

Meditation, Marriage and You...

Before entering into a marriage life…think twice

Both of you has to decide. Think twice…either hold, or drop. Talk to each other; talk to yourself- 'let us marry; if we get along it is fine; if we do not get along we will divorce each other, or we will go for a separation; mutually agreed'. These are the options; very limited options. When options are less; when chances are there, of breaking the Knot…why to marry? 

Both of you are going to be responsible for a life…which is going to come- children are delicate, think twice, before your marriage. Do not marry; if understanding is not there. Why to marry; unnecessary hustles. 

Marriage is a must; if the decision is taken in a meditative mood.

A very different kind of world you might create; if both of you believe in Meditation- When embracing each other, stay there…become the embrace. This oneness is needed. These ones; where everything is dissolved in one; when this dualism of two persons embracing each ether, becomes one…then a circle is formed, where dualism is lost; and when circle is formed…it cannot be separated...marry, if you can reach this state, of understanding.

It takes only few words to describe this circle…to realize this; you have to understand yourself. This viewpoint comes; when you drop your entire ego; when nothing stays inside you. When you drop everything; whatever you have learnt so far. When your slate is clean, when there is absolute silence, inside you, when dualism is completely lost, and when you have become a circle; where there is no beginning, no end…then in that situation, whatever happens to you; that is you, your reality.

In Hindu philosophy; it is said- “Satyam, Shivam, Sunderm “Whatever is truth is Shiv{Lord}, and Shiv is beautiful. And the word Creation is beautiful; sacred, hence, think twice…before your marriage.

It is not a easy thing to do…both of you are going to create a new life. If you can create a healthy atmosphere; amid heavy adversity…then go for Marriage. Marriage is sacred. Everything is sacred. You are sacred…only realizing point is missing.

Do not marry.  You can live your life staying unmarried, then what is the need; what is the purpose of marriage. Humanity, always keeps different idiosyncrasies. If you believe in yourself…then go for marriage. 

It might appear to you that you believe in yourself, you understand yourself; beware it might be a hallucination, created by your mind. Your mind is crafty. Your mind is cunning.  To keep you in its control; mind goes on creating false notion in you. You keep thinking it is real; actually it is not. For example, when you practice meditation; and sometimes you go on sitting at one place hours together, and when you emerge from that state, you feel relaxed; you think you have achieved…it is false; created by your mind, it is merely momentary outcome of sitting at one place, for hours.

This feeling of yours is not true. This is dangerous. It might appear to you that, now you know yourself; now you understand who you are. You might go on writing books on ‘self realization’…stay alert; your knowledge is false.

You take birth; you are innocent. You grow up; you acquire knowledge…your innocence is gone. Now you are educated; shrewd. Now everything is a manipulation to you…even Marriage. It is a game. Life is a game for you. You have set a goal; which you have to achieve.

Now, your planning starts. You have to plane your life. You have to plane your marriage…innocence is lost. Now marriage is a business to you. You have to manipulate your life. Now life is a gain and loss to you. Marriage is a business to you; marriage is a purpose to you. Do not marry…unnecessary you will be destroying a life, which is going to come.

Earn money; earn status…enjoy your life. You can enjoy your life in this way too. But be careful, this enjoyment will be false…created by your mind. At the end of your life; when death comes knocking at your door, you will realize; you have wasted. Your entire life you have wasted

You must earn money, money is needed. You must marry; marriage is needed; you must set a goal for you; goal is needed…understand yourself first.  This understanding will not come to you, if you are in control of your mind. Your mind should be in your control.  

When realization of oneness comes; this realization brings, awareness, and in that aware state you will realize…Marriage is not needed. Because, here dualism is lost, you have become one.

And to reach this state…Marriage is needed. And you can feel this realization of yours; which gives the understanding of dualism, and oneness…comes through Meditation. 


Stop Press: This article is about Marriage; hence, here stress is on marriage. To understand the meaning of dualism, and oneness, little more, and on power of Nothingness…we will talk, in my, another article.   

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