Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meditation, Investment, Money, Success-Failure, and You...

Success, finds its way to prove its strength; the reason behind the success. Failure, loses its face, to prove its innocence; the reason behind the failure. 

Success and failure; both happen; accept both. If you are successful; you are happy. If you are a failure; you are condemned from all angles.

If you’re a failure; certainly you have committed some silly mistakes in life; or you are not educated; or you are not intelligent, you are dumb; and definitely you are a sinner of your previous life, that is why you are a failure in this life; the Lord is punishing you for your past life sin. Accept everything. 

Success and failure, both happen; and happening have no criteria. Watching these happenings; staying a witness, and enjoying your life; indeed, is life. 

Perform your duty and enjoy your life. You can make an effort; the result is not in your hands. There are many books written; about, how to become successful in life. This very ‘how’ is the problem. you can earn money; while putting your finger on the right nerve. 

Finding the reason behind the success and failure in life; is futile. Do not waste your time in discovering the mystery; how the Universe moves? Rather, enjoy the universe; enjoy its mystery. Futile energy and wasted energy will lead you nowhere. 

And, precisely this is what you have been doing all through your life. You are busy in becoming happy. You are busy in finding the method of happiness. You are busy securing your life. 

When death will knock your door, you are not aware. And missing the beauty of the moment, you are staying in your future; finding the way, how to become happy in your life? And then there is a book on that.

Investment is another factor. Indeed, very important factor in one’s life is to learn how to invest. For this you have to start early; though it is never too late. But, at an advanced age, it becomes difficult to utilize the intelligence, what you have learned as an investor. 

This is a very important topic. Here, it is defined, you must learn investment. On this topic, Investment, many have written. All are good. But my personal is Robert Kyosaki; of ‘Rich dad, Poor dad’ fame.

Learning investment, you should start early; it takes time. At an advanced age your strategy, what you have learned as an investor, might change. Remember, it is important, ‘Time, Person, and Place’ matters. And, one has to work accordingly. 

Therefore, at an advanced stage of your life, if you are starting investment, your strategy will, and should change. Keeping in mind ‘Time, Person, and Place, theory, you should invest. Actually, your mind invests. Your mind is powerful. And it is your mind, which solves your problems. 

Money does not solve your problem; it is your mind which solves your Problems. Money is an extremely important aspect of your life. You should earn. To live your life, to meditate; ‘financial freedom’ is a must. 

And to be financially free, you must learn investment. Meditation is a miracle. Meditation is to reach. Richness gives you financial freedom. Meditation tells you, what to do when you are financially free. 

You have to be worry free; if you wish to live a happy life. If you are learning investment with controlling your life; then, nothing like this. 

This mind control method comes through meditation. And when your mind is in control; your investment strategy will creates miracle for you. 

Then, in that state of mind, when your mind comes under your control; and you are financially independent; whatever happens to you; in those moments of ecstasy, stay there, and simply drink the Nectar…