Friday, April 11, 2014

Meditation, Success, Renouncement and You

Renounce is the word, which comes for your rescue. You forget everything; all your sufferings, all scarifies, all your hardship...and you embrace renouncement, smiling, happily. Amazing…you were a step before your achievement. 

Perhaps, your happiness was lying in sacrifices; in self torture, do not do that, please. Live your life, your life is very precious. If you have to fight; fight your battle till your last breathe.  If your desired results are not coming to you... pick it up, it is yours. Do not hesitate; do not plead…just pick it up, it is yours. You deserve it. 

It is not easy. Before you start your journey…judge yourself thoroughly. Nobody can lie to himself or  herself. 

Ask yourself a question- Do you really deserve it; can you really make it? 

If you deceive yourself…then nothing can save you. You have to be honest with yourself. Your mind might deceive you. Mind always does that. Your mind might create a convincing situation inside you, that you deserve it; go ahead. It might be a hallucination. You might not realize it…that it is a hallucination.   

And you start your journey. And just before the end, when you are about to get everything, you renounce everything, with a spiritual smile...this is dangerous. You start thinking that it was a waste of time; unnecessary you wasted your time; your life. You should not have started this journey. 

Think twice; judge yourself with honesty. Your entire surrounding is tricky. You have to trade with caution. It is not easy. Yes, to some people it is easy, with them everything keeps falling at the right place; throughout their life. Quite often you have observed, that non performer gets everything, and the real performer is left behind. 

Instead of wasting your energy,in finding the reason behind it; instead of asking; accusing God for this injustice…cast a deep glance within, and the energy which you are wasting in accusing God, or feeling jealous…use your energy in enhancing your next attack. 

Forget God; forget everything…focus on your target. There should not exist anything between you and your target. Others are not important to you. Do not waste your time and energy, in unfolding the mystery of the universe. Let universe move on its own way; Universe will keep moving without your help…concentrate on yourself. 

Again, it is not easy to behave in this way. This needs tremendous courage. Prepare yourself first; before you start your journey. How to prepare? It is important to know.  And for you...Meditation is the answer…just meditate. Meditation teaches you…how to control your mind? And meditation also teaches you, how to move in the right direction? 

Judging yourself is not an easy thing to do. Very few people can judge themselves in a right way. And precisely this is the reason that very few people achieve whatever they want, in their life. You have to understand yourself; you have to judge yourself. A meditated mind never fails in judging himself / herself. Because meditation teaches you, in understanding, what is lying inside you, it teaches you, how to recognize yourself. 

The day you come to know about yourself; you know where and how…you should go. Meditation teaches you, where your real treasure is lying?

To get your treasure, you do not have to go anywhere- Just cast a deep, very deep look will find your treasure is lying within you.


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