Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Meditation; Helpless State; Expectations and You…

Always remember, it is written somewhere that; 'with self-belief if you challenge the history; planets in the universe will change their position; in your favor'.  

When you are lying low you are expected to create miracles. Without understanding your pain people expect everything from you. Expectations become high; when you are lying low.

You are supposed to do everything; you are the reason of your miseries; you are the reason of your failure. If you are not successful; either you are not talented; or you have no proper contact; and you are also a victim of your previous life’s sin; and that is why God is punishing you in this life; in your previous life you were left Scott free, by this so called God, and you went on committing numerous sin; and you are punished in this life for your previous life sin. 

And you have to go through all kinds of nonsense in this life if you are not successful; the only success succeeds. Why miseries comes to certain people and why others are happy go lucky type; the reason is not known; one can fabricate like previous life’s deeds, or lack of proper talent; someone is poor, someone is reach why so, is not known. 

Nature has its own peculiarity. Many things depend on the particular atmosphere when you have taken birth. Yes, one thing is common, and that is every human being is being equipped with tremendous power, yes, you have the power to change your misfortune and make it a good fortune.

But that is not easy to recognize and use in a proper way; and it is certainly not a rocket science either. It is difficult because your mind has been corrupted by many false things since the beginning; the natural process of growth of a child was killed by many restrictions; given by society; and what are those which corrupts a child's growth is another subject it might become lengthy here; hence on this topic, in my next article. 

Using your mind in a correct way like; under any circumstance do not lose your cool; your patience. Your bearing capacity should not only be extremely powerful but it should possess extraordinary powers. Do not let your mind, divert, or get you affected by your hard times. 

Accept your adversity; stay untouched and then continue your fight for the justice; it is your birthright. You will get results; it is your determination which will bring you your desired result. You have to work hard; plane your efforts; give your best try; and you will get it. 

You can change your misfortune you have this capacity; you have this power with you. Always remember, it is written somewhere that; with self-belief if you challenge the history; planets in the universe change their position; in your favor. You have to kept awaken; stay alert; stay in a moment; go on hitting the target; and the victory is yours.

Meditate; meditation makes you strong; capable.  Do never try to get rid of from your helpless state; on the contrary use your helpless state as your winning streak; every minus point in you, make it your wining strength, and go on making a positive effort; till you win. Instead of caring about people’s expectation; you must think what you expect from you; and if this point is clear to you; you are a sure shot winner.