Thursday, September 19, 2013

Techniques of Meditation...Stay Here

Stay Here, It’s beautiful, Sunset and Sunrise looks same…here is the end, here is the beginning…stay here, don’t move, keep floating, something is continuously happening inside you, too much noise is there, inside you- listen to the waves, there are say something.

You have no time, you are somewhere else in your future, thinking, the day you become rich…you will be happy- and it’s happening, Now, Here and Now, very much deep down, within you…stay here, stay alert.

Confusion and contradiction, has to go together.  Truth is the outcome of Confusion and contradiction.  Truth, consists everything, confusion and contradiction, good and bad, honesty and dishonesty, everything. That is why, it is called Truth.

Now, the techniques of Meditation…it varies. It depends, how you have understood meditation? How, Meditation has come to you. Hours together, you go on sitting at the same place, concentrating on a particular object…if this gives you understanding about meditation…do it, do it totally.

Techniques differ, from person to person. Because, every person, have different idiosyncrasies. Goal is the same. Nature is same. Air is same. Ways of grasping it, differs.

Mind is cunning, it will lure you, and it will take you somewhere else. It will create confusion in-side you. It will bring contradiction to you. If you are in the control of your mind, you will reach nowhere. You will stay confused. What to do?

And you start searching…the techniques of meditation. You will reach nowhere. You search will not come to an end. Meditation is dangerous too. Too much of meditation, without understanding it, too much of practice, without knowing it…might create a lifeless vacuum, an impotency in you.

Remember, Meditation is always full of life…understand first. Understand Meditation first, before accepting it. Realize first…what Meditation is. Meditation opens the gate for you…from where you can feel the universe within you.

Meditation awakes. Yes, this awakening is a must. You might get lost in your search. This search, about the techniques of meditation…is a search, within you. You do not have to go anywhere. You do not have to do anything for it.

Doing is a force…you have to do it. And meditation is not a force. Meditation is not an extra effort.

Meditation happens. And the word happening always happens, without any force. Meditation is been happening in-side you, since the day you took birth. You never realized it, because, you are searching the technique, somewhere else.

You sit down, at a place hours together, concentrating on a simple object, and after finishing your exercise, you feel relaxed…you have searched, the techniques. Your pilgrimage is over.  And after few days, or months, or years, you are back, to your original place…and your search starts, again.

Cast a deep glance within. And in the process, of casting the glance, apply a simple method, a simple trick, do not do anything else, do not do anything extra…while casting the deep glance within you, become the glance.

You will realize, you are born meditative, only this realization, only this feeling, has to touch you…and when it is touching you...become the touch. And this is, the Techniques of Meditation.


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