Saturday, September 6, 2014

Meditation Right Decision, Wrong Decision and You…

Someone was telling yesterday; one wise move, one right decision makes the life, and one wrong decision; one wrong step and the entire life are spoiled. 

The decision is important; must take a decision. The more you get into right and wrong syndrome you will be confused; though sometimes from the confused state of mind comes out right decision; and sometimes well thought decision yields wrong results. So do not get confused; do not fall into the trap; take a decision. 

The more you keep thinking about right and wrong decision you won’t be able to take any decision. Take a decision and accept the outcome as it is; if it is right; if it is wrong, it is all right; you are not concerned with the result; you are only concerned with taking the decision. 

What is wrong; and what is right, it is not possible to know. The Universe is full of both; hence choosing only one and leaving other you cannot do that. Right and wrong both are interdependent. If you are accepting good, then you have to accept bad too; accept both; they appear as two different things, actually they are one; right and wrong both are one; you cannot differentiate. 

The Universe is being created like this; the opposition has to be there. And someone said yesterday; one wise move, one right decision makes the life, and one wrong decision; one wrong step and the entire life are spoiled; this is not true; this is ignorance; the decision taken is important. 

Meditate; meditation will bring awareness to you; and the day you become aware of you; right and wrong will appear same to you. Taking decision is bravery; not taking a decision is cowardice. Be bold; confident, aware and take the decision. Your boldness, your confidence will bring right result; do not hesitate; do not get panicky.

Fear is the problem; if you are scared before and after taking a decision; thinking whether you have taken the right decision or you have taken a wrong decision, then this state of your mind will create confusion and fear in you; stay bold under any circumstances; and go win the race.

The way you look at your life makes the difference; sometimes extreme of misery makes you bold and fearless in life; and that state is the key to success. The more fearless you are; the braver you are. Bravery is important; right and wrong accept both. 

Leading your life in this way is not easy; this is a state of awareness. Stay alert; stay awake, do not sleep, and take a decision; God is there with you in those moments.  Choosing between right and wrong brings confusion; because you are not sure what is right and what is wrong. 

You are confused because you do not know what is wrong and what is right; welcome both. Do not waste your time in choosing; you have to accept both and move ahead. Keep moving; do not stop.   

Decision taking meditatively is ahead right and wrong; God has created both right and wrong, remove one and other will not survive. You are a byproduct of right and wrong, both, remove one and you are no more there.  The very survival of the right depends upon the existence of wrong. You can choose one; accept both, do not get affected; and move on in life. 


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