Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meditation, Self-Talk, Hope, and You...

Once upon a time; Lord Shri, Krishna said-“Surrender to me; and I shall look after you”. 

And you surrendered yourself to Lord Shri, Krishna. Result, nothing happened; you again, surrendered yourself to Lord Shri, Krishna. And this is continuing in all religion; you keep surrendering; you keep asking for the divine intervention. 

Divine is telling you to “Surrender to me; and I shall look after you”. 

The basic problem with you is, the way you understand your problems; the way you understand your God; because of the conditional mindset of yours. You have been taught all the time, that supreme power is supreme; God will solve your all problems. 

And you go to your God; in your religious places, or you search your God in your religious books, and you start surrendering; praying to the unknown.

It is unknown; because, there is a question mark; who is God? Whether God exists or not? It is a mystery to you. And you, listening God’s dictate, surrender yourself to Him/her, you start praying; and nothing happens; and this continues. 

You are running in a wrong direction. And, without realizing this; you surrender yourself to the Lord. Without understanding; without knowing the Lord; you surrender yourself; with full devotion. 

You start praying; without realizing this fact; that your prayer is reaching nowhere. Obviously, your prayer is not answered. Your blame game starts. First, understand; realize the Truth. The Truth is within you.

Lord Shri, Krishna says; “surrender to me….” God is continuously asking you to “surrender to me". 

To you this “Me” is; “I”. Lord Shri, Krishna is asking you to surrender to "I"; to yourself; and further God is saying “I am there with you; surrender to me.” 

And the day you surrender yourself to you; you will meet God there; and, perhaps for the first time; you will meet you. 

Yes, you are the question; you are the answer; everything is there with you. And for the liberation, for freedom; you have to talk to you. Whether you simply whisper to you; or you talk to you in silence; this is the only way, to know all your answers. 

Talking to you is self-talk. This self-talk is very important. Understand this first; what is a self-talk? Self- talk is a great relief. Self-talk is the key to all your queries. 

Because, when you talk to self; it means, you are talking to the God. And when you are surrendering yourself to you; you are surrendering yourself to the God; who is sitting inside you. 

And when you are surrendering to God; definitely He/She will protect. And, that’s why Lord Shri, Krishna said- “Surrender to me; and I shall protect you”.

Here God is saying; “I”, shall protect you. This “I” is important. This “I” is the answer. This “I” is God. This “I” is you. 

Hence, self-talk is your answer. This self-talk is your first and your last hope. ’Hope’ is important; and unless you hope. 

Hope gives you; creates in you, a new desire; to live with. You go on hoping; and you get no result; because you are running in a wrong direction. 

You are searching your God somewhere else, at an unknown place; with a hope that you will meet God; and then your prayer will be answered. 

Instead of looking within; you keep on searching God at unknown places and you keep on hoping for the best; and you keep on meeting with broken dreams. 

Now the question arises; How to look within? Yes, you must know; How to look within? Here, how to look within, your answer is in meditation

From various, available, techniques of meditation, choose one, and start doing meditation. 

Meditation is a very powerful tool. Meditation helps you in recognizing yourself. And the moment you realize you; you realize who you are; that very moment you get the master key; that very moment you are liberated. 

That very moment onward; you understand the importance of the self-talk. Now you know, how to surrender yourself to you. 

And now you understand, what Lord Shri, Krishna is saying- “Surrender to me; and I shall look after you”…


Friday, March 27, 2015

Desire, Depression. Meditation, and You...

And a few days back one nomad was murmuring something, looking at the sky- “Oh Lord! if you are giving us this heart; do not give desire. Because, I am fed-up now; this heart keeps desiring; again and again”.

Nothing should be bigger than you. You are the master. Desire is natural. You must desire. If there is heart in you; desire is obvious. Your desire should not supersede you; else you will get fed-up, like that nomad; one day.

And, precisely this is what has been happening in your life. Result; see the mess around you. You are responsible for this mess. 

Another poet once said-“Lord had given us only one land; and we divided it into many countries”. 

And, you keep desiring; it never stops. Somewhere it has to stop. Your desire is not fulfilled; and you start accusing your God; or you luck; or you find fault in you. But the damage is done. The very fabric of enjoying life; is broken. 

This happened; you lost interest in your life. And this is a very dangerous situation; when you lose interest in your life. Depression surrounds you; nothing appeals to you. Passing wind has no value to you. Passing wind is continuously touching you; but, you are not interested. 

Depression surrounds you; you have become like a walking corpse. This happens; this has happened to you; and this will keep happening to you; because you are not awakened; you are sleeping. You are continuously sleeping. You are dreaming that you are living. 

Real life has never touched you. You have never felt the touch of the life. Life is continuously touching you; and nothing happens to you. You have become like a walking corpse.

You have to come out of it. You have to wake-up. Meditate. Meditation is important. Meditate and wake-up

Depression surrounds you you; because your desire is not fulfilled. Your desire keeps taking birth; one after another. Your desire is fulfilled; and another take birth. Its a never ending story; more and more and more. Somewhere it has to end. How? 

Do never stop; or try to stop this natural process of desiring again and again. It might sound absurd. It might sound contradictory. Do never stop; or try to stop your continuous process of desiring. Let this process, of desiring continuously, happen, you just watch this process like a witness. 

Become a witness, watch this process of continuous desiring. Whether your desire is getting fulfilled or not; you are not concerned with it; you are simply watching. Become a witness; and watch you. 

Stay like a rock; and become the witness of your life. Here you are observing; what is happening to you. And this observing; this witness  part comes to you, then you will realize that you are not the same. 

The day you become a witness and start witnessing your own life; that moment onward you become the master of your desire; you become the master of you. Now you are the ruler; now you are the master. 

And when the desire comes under your control; whether you are desiring continuous, or whether your desire is getting fulfilled or not; you are not affected. 

Now you are walking the lake without getting wet. 

This is enlightenment. This is meditation. Let the depression surround you; let the desire desiring continuously; just watch; stay a witness. Now you are the master of you...


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Youth Power, Frustration, Meditation, and You...

And, you are going to take birth any moment; stay here, and become the witness of your own birth. Become the witness of your own birth.

Youth is powerful; do not waste it. Power helps you in controlling your power. You have to understand what youth power is. 

Yes, the word ‘Power’ attracts. And, unless you attract? 

A magnet has to be there with you. Success; Failure apart; you should attract.

If you are facing too much hardship; then, you have to help yourself. Because, nothing is working in your favor. You have been criticized; you have been ridiculed. Your own people either have deserted you; or knowingly or unknowingly, they have gone against you.

Indeed, here the situation becomes tough. And, in such a tough situation; stay thankful to the Almighty. Feel blessed; because a unique star is going to take birth. Stay blessed. Welcome your opponent. 

This is not easy, mind it. For this, fighting against all odds; keeping your grace; magnet, intact; is not an easy job. You have to become powerful. Daily exercises; will make your body strong. But inner strength comes through meditation. 

Remember, the importance of youth power. You have to start from the beginning. You have to start from zero. And, meditation helps you in taking you at that point; where nothing is left; where complete silence is there, and where something is going to begin; any moment. 

Stay awakened; and become the witness of your rebirth. Yes, your rebirth is possible in this life only. You are going to take birth any moment; become the witness of your own birth. This is power. 

This is enlightenment. Here, in the state of enlightenment, you are not affected. You are simply watching the happening around you. One thing is very important here; you are watching the happening around you not helplessly; rather you are witnessing these happenings. Thus, becoming the witness power; comes through meditation.

Happenings around you; are not in your control. Your own body is not in your control. Either you watch these cosmic happenings staying helpless; or become a witness and watch these happenings. 

Here, the choice is yours. If you are helpless; then you are in trouble. Then, facing your life’s cruelty, sometimes, will become frustrating for you. And your frustration, sometimes, might destroy you. 

You have to become powerful; if you wish to be victorious. You can win. You are born as a winner. Winning is very near to you. Any moment it’s going to happen; you are going to win. Simply stay there; and become a witness in watching the miracle in happening. 

Youth is powerful; do not waste it. You can stay in your youth forever. Yes, it is possible through meditation.  Staying in a moment is the key word. When you stay in a moment then you can witness the happening of miracles in your life anytime; because, you are staying in a moment. 

Power helps you; in controlling your power. And, if your power is controlling you; in other words, if you are being controlled by your power, then trouble is there. You have to control your power. This is youth power. 

Meditation is the only technique, through which you can acquire this power. Among the various techniques of meditation; choose one, and start practicing meditation. 

You have to become the Master. You have to become the controller of your destiny; then only, against all odds, in your life, yet, you can become victorious…


Friday, March 13, 2015

God, Meditation; and Fear in You...

"Yes, Fear is the key. Welcome fear; if it is coming to you out of any reason inside you; and stay thankful to the cause which has generated fear in you. When in fear stay scared. Look at your scared situation; If fear is an obstacle on the way of your success; then take the fear along with you; talk to your fear; hey fear, why are you always so scary; silly". 

And the God came. Nothing is working in your life; you are helpless; lost all hopes. Did everything; you repeated doing everything; now no way is left; nothing has left, which you will do to settle yourself in your life, and to be happy. But none of your effort; prayer yielded any results; so far in your life. God comes; you have lost faith. 

God keeps coming. God keeps smiling. Your result, the situation is the same; total disaster. God keeps smiling. What to do? First forget God; then accept God. Do nothing; keep sailing; keep floating. No effort; no risk; just keep floating; staying alert; awakened. 

Fear has to come; it is natural, nothing to worry about. If fear does not come; then something to worry about; some serious problem is there within. Fear comes. It is natural. Welcome you fear. It is simply an energy; which is scary.

Sometimes fear takes you close to the God. You meet God for the first time. Yes; this way; fear is the key. Through fear you could understand; who you are? This realization, who you are, came to you through fear. Fear can bring many positive results to you. You have to be awakened. And for that; start practicing meditation. Among many techniques of meditation; chose one for you; and, simply meditate. 

Techniques of meditation might differ; but the result is same; all roads end at the same place. If you are not awakened; if you are not alert; then your fear might destroy you. If your fear starts ruling you then you are destroyed. But if you are alert; if you are awakened; then you can use your fear for your benefit.

You have to rule you. You have to become your own master. Your mind has to be in your control. You have to become powerful.  You can control the universe. An awakening is needed. And it is simple; how to be awakened. Just Meditate. 

Meditation is looking within. And the day you look within; your all answer is there. Life is beautiful. Life is a mystery. 

How to become successful and happy; this answer is within you. Why it is within you? And if it is within you; then why there is so much unrest; worries; miseries around? Then why, panic attacks are there? This is because you are sailing in a wrong direction. 

This is because; you do not look within. You never look within; because it never strike you. And for the few people who came to know that the answer is within, for them, they do not believe in it. Because; the answer that everything is within, this answer is so simple. And for them, people who have come to know that the answer is within, simplicity they do not believe in. 

Things which are more complicated; difficult, unanswerable; those situations they enjoy. And, almost every person has become like this. And, precisely this is the reason of so much misery; unrest in your life. 

Life is beautiful; simple. And to get something different from it; you have made your life complicated. Literary; you have destroyed the beauty; of your life. Thus the reason, why fear is dangerous. This is the reason, why out of fear you hesitate, or you do not take any important decision of your life; at the right time. And that is why it is said; decisions taken at the right time, right decision makes your life. 

You have failed to recognize this. Because you are not awakened; you are sleeping. You think that you are awakening. You think you are walking; you are eating; you are maintaining your family. You think that you are doing all mundane things successfully; and it proves that you are awakened; it proves; that you are not sleeping.

Remember here; you think that you are awakened; this thinking is the problem. You think; that you are eating your food; and this thinking is the problem. Do not think; just eat. It is simple; just eat, do not think that you are eating. 

Stay there; wherever you are. Do not start roaming in your future. The future never comes. There is no future. Can you eat; can you perform your mundane duty in your future? And the answer is simple; you cannot. This thinking is the problem. This thinking takes you to some unknown place.

Your mind keeps reminding you that you are on the right track. Result every false, dead things starts appearing real to you. Your mind is dangerous. The mind is very powerful. Your mind becomes dangerous; because you are making your mind dangerous. You are being ruled by your mind. Your mind starts ruling your mind.

You start ruling your mind' and see the difference. This ruling your mind is not easy. And this is the reason why you are scared amid fear. Fear is just energy; it is up to you how you are taking it.

And to use the power of your fear in a positive way, right direction; start controlling your mind. And to become the ruler; and to control your mind you have to realize your power; which is flowing within you. 

For that you have to look within. You have to accept simplicity. Because, like life; the art of looking within is very simple. To look within; just meditate. 

And when you look within; you will find God there; smiling. And, even if you are amid fear; you will get the answer; why God is always smiling…

Ashoka         .          

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Meditation Techniques, Desire, Hope, and You...

And someone, somewhere; talking to the Almighty, murmured; ‘If you cannot fulfill our desire; why do you give this (desire) to us’? 

Another person said; ‘If you are giving us heart, then do not give us a desire; I am fed-up now, with a heart’s desire; it keeps desiring’. 

Some said, ‘When you are fading-up’; God listens’.

Looking at the sky; you are asking for your desire to be fulfilled. Sky; there is no end. You are asking the vacuum. And that is why after not getting any result; you become frustrated. 

But, then again, something is left in you, and that is; you start hoping against the hope. And this goes on. Hoping against the hope; and your end comes nearer; you do not lose hope; still you are hoping. Your end is near; visible; and you do not lose hope. 

This is madness Come out of it. Do not look at the sky and ask someone. Do not achieve either. There is nothing to achieve. Do not achieve anything; achievement is in the future. And, the future never comes. 

You are here. Do not look at the sky and ask. Forget God. Do not ask. Simply get. Whatever you want to get; get it. How? 

Understand first what; what you are asking for. Understand first; who you are. And the day this understanding comes to you; rather, the day you understand you; you will get your answer. You will come to know about God; who he/she is?

Till now you are in darkness. Let the morning happen. Let the Sun come out. Till then wait; have patience. Your end is near and still you are hoping. This darkness has to go; you have to wait for the morning. Meditate. 

Only meditation will open doors for you. Meditation techniques differ; pick one. Here you can chose. All are good. Meditation techniques differ; but all reaches the same destination. 

Meditation techniques differs’ but all takes you the same place; where morning is happening. Till then wait. How to wait? Meditate.

You must desire. Desiring is not a sin. You should desire. Let the desire come. Keep your hope alive. But do never live on your hope. Hope is another factor; which gives you strength to fight. But do not live in hope.

Desire is natural. First desires come, and then hope come. Both are important. You have to come out of it. Whether you are getting your desired result or not; whether your hope is bringing result to you or not; live your life. 

Life is beautiful. Enjoy the beauty of the Life.  Desire; hope these factors keep coming to you. If God is not full filing your desire; forget God. Now the question arises that if God cannot give your desire result; then who will give? You will give. This is the answer. 

If God is not helping you; then, who will help you? Help yourself. And the day you start helping you; you will start getting your desired results. Do not believe in this statement; practice this. If you do; you will get. Then you do not need anybody; to help you in distress. 

You are the help. You are the hope. This understanding is important. This is awakened state. And this awakening comes after meditation. You have to realize your strength. You are tremendously powerful. You can create an atom. You are powerful. 

The day you recognize your power; God will not come in between. If you can desire; if you a hope comes to you; then, you can get your desired results too. Capacity of desiring; capacity of hoping indicates; that you are tremendously powerful.

Human being is the unique and the best creation of the Almighty. You are the best. Your question is in you. Your answer is in you. Stop running. You do not have to go anywhere. Everything is here; within you. 

Only this realization that this is within you has to come. Till it comes to you; till you are awakened; you have to wait for the morning. 

You have to wait for the Sun to come out. Till then wait; Meditate…