Friday, July 4, 2014

Meditation, Frustration, Relationship and You…How to maintain, or get back; the lost one?

This is ridiculous; nectar is flowing; very much inside you…and you are travelling somewhere else in your future; in search of this nectar.        

This article has started with a question mark…How to maintain a relationship? The answer is very easy and small…remove two words, from the question, ‘How’ and ‘Maintain’. This ‘how’ and ‘maintain’ is the problem.

The more you try to keep your relationship or the more you try to maintain your relationship; the more difficult it becomes. Do not hold; set it free. Accept the troubles; cast a glance at the solution; if you can do it…and then set it free. 

Give space; do not possess. Accept the verdict; whatever is coming your way, as it is. The more you try to mold it, or the more you wish to keep it way as per your own choices; the more difficult it will become. You cannot change.

Keep it in your mind; nothing is in your hand; whatever is, is. Do not try to change it; you cannot…accept it. Accept it as it is whatever is coming your way; and while accepting…stay alert.

And this is the catch; stay alert; awaken...till today, you have been sleeping; you have been living your life through your mind. You have been trying to mold the happenings in your way; as per your choices.

Very simple mantra is, to maintain or get back the lost one, accept the happening, and your partner as it is. If it is against your choice or your mood then too…accept it.

Do not force anything upon, you while accepting. Do no ever sacrifice anything; for each other…the word ‘sacrifice’ is indecent. You simple have to accept it, you simple have to allow it to flow; do not put hindrance. 

The moment you try to adjust; or sacrifice; you will be making it more difficult. Simply do not do anything; live your life as it is. Live life in a simple and easy way. 

And that is the problem. You cannot live your life in an easy way. Because you have been taught, since beginning, to achieve something; make your life; make you carrier.

Entire process or circle of your life has a purpose. And the moment, purpose comes in your life; your life become something else; a commodity.

Almighty has given you the most beautiful gift...your life; do not interrupt; accept it as it is…and while accepting; stay alert.

This staying alert is Meditation; this is living in moments. All through your life; either you have been living in your past, or you are somewhere in your future; molding planning something, to achieve something. 

This is ridiculous; nectar is flowing; very much inside you…and you are travelling somewhere else in your future; in search of this nectar. 

You are busy trying to find out solutions, trying implementing some devices; to maintain your relationship. Simply, when you are in a relationship…do not try to hold; do not possess…set it free. 

You do not have to get it back; it will never go. And if it goes…do not try to hold; do not try to get it back…set it free.

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