Monday, August 11, 2014

Meditation, Racial Abuse, and You…

You have to drop all your knowledge; you have to drop your religion; you have to drop the knowledge which you have gathered from your religious book. When absolute nothing is there; when you reach the stage of point Zero in that situation; in that state; in that condition whatever appears inside you that is God; that is knowledge; that is sacred; pure virgin.

Nothing is derived from anywhere; it has come to you from within. It has no religion; it has no cost, it has no race; it is colorless. It has no color; water has no color; and it quench thirst; ant it saves lives; imagine life without water. 

Similar your life has no color; it is simply life; full of life. Whatever is full; has no color. Color is the only Rainbow; it has seven colors. If you look within you will find that human life has one color; and that oneness has no separation. 

God has created beautiful flowers; of different colors; each and every color has its importance. And that importance makes them one; and that oneness is beauty; they all are beautiful. The Universe is full of colors; Universe has many things within, of different colors; but the universe is one. There is no white universe; there is no black universe; there is no brown universe; the universe is one; made of different colors. 

God created you as human beings; and you differentiated it with colors; with race. Look at the colorful birds; they stay together in harmony. Your life will be shattered, the moment you try to bring these differences; then you will be living in your own world; limited area. You will be living in a boundary; you will be living a dead life. 

Look at the sky it has no boundary; it has accumulated all colors; and that accumulation of different race made it colorless; when all colors become one; then there is no color; that is why Life has no color. There is only one race; and that is human; you are not different.

If you observe; you will find that human sentiment is same everywhere.  The human body functions in the same way. A white man/Women body functions in the same way; a Black Man/Women body functions in the same way; A brown Man/Women body functions in the same way; all breathe in the same way; all take birth in the same way; all will die in the same way; there is no difference; only the color; race differs, but the function is the same.

So, somewhere you are the same; you are sane. This division of race is false. Liking; disliking liking is in your mind; can you say ‘you do not like the way they breath’, no, you cannot say; you also breath in the same way. When this realization of oneness comes to you; you will realize that your disliking was false. 

Racial abuse is a sin; you are abusing God; you are abusing The Universe; you are abusing existence; you are abusing yourself. We all are same; taken birth at different places. Our way of living life; our language differs; but our entire construction is same; nose in same place, eyes are at the same place, lips at the same place; our sentiment is same; everything is same. 

We have created differences; our mind has created differences. Air is same; Sun is same; Moon is same; the rising and setting time is different, different places; but they are same everywhere. You have to accept the fact that we all are same; else you will be divided within. Your own personality will be in two parts; how will you live unless you become one. 

And two become one. You do not have to do anything; we are already one; God has created one; you simply have to realize this. And this realization comes through Meditation. Oneness is like a circle, there is no beginning, there is no end; it is eternal. 

Remember racial abuse is a sin; when you are making a racial abuse; you are abusing existence; you are abusing God; God used different colors; different races to make this Universe beautiful; full  of life. The more you try to divide it, the more lonely you will become; do not stay aloof, you will be left behind, accept this wholeness. 

And the day this realization comes to you that you are one; that day, that very minute you will become absolute.