Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meditation,Expectations, and You...

Good and bad; Ugly and Beautiful; Dirt and Clean, Sin and Holy; accept both...

Somewhere it is said, ‘do not accept’. This true; it is wisely said; because the result is not in your hand. But the expectation do comes; it is natural. Now what to do? Forget both; let them strike you; do not get affected.Make your own; whatever is coming to your mind;do that.

Staying unaffected and moving in your own direction is not easy; this is extremely difficult to reach here; though it is very simple also. Difficult, because you have been leading a very difficult life since the beginning; your mindset is different; you have been guided to lead your life through your mind; real things never appealed you. 

It is, because here you do not have to do anything; you do not have to follow any rule, you don’t have to follow any dictate; here you don’t have to choose between right and wrong; here everything is same to you; whether you are wining you are losing hardly matters to you. Here you are simply sailing. No effort is used; simply sailing.

Here you are living your life in an innocent way; no education is needed. You are simply accepting everything; whatever is coming your way. You are not bothered about the result; you have no expectations. And if expectations come to you; you take it in the normal way; remember, here you are not doing anything extra to fight, to fight this coming expectation for you; here you are welcoming it; the only changes here with you is; here you are not affected.

If you are meeting your expectation is good; if you are not meeting your acceptation is good; both are same to you. This is the stage of Enlightenment. It is easy to achieve; to achieve you do not have to do anything. It is extremely difficult to achieve it; because it is simple, effortless. And simple and easy things do not appeal to you. For you there is no adventure; simply floating looks absurd to you. And you are right; it is absurd. 

But then abstract attracts. Absurdity is laying on you; not on simplicity. Because your mind is continuously leading you in a false direction; your mind keeps telling you do not believe in simplicity; because it is absurd. Your heart is telling you to accept the simplicity; because here lays the magic. But you have been trained not to listen to your heart; and you always fall in the false trap of your mind.

If it appears confusing to you do not waste your time in understanding; simply move ahead with time dropping all these complications; and move along with the time in a new direction. Each and every moment holds surprises for you; meet these surprises do not try to unfold it before you meet it. 

This way there will be no confusion in understanding the real meaning of your life; this way there will be no complications in choosing between expectations and no expectations. Here you are free; because you are moving ahead with the time welcoming each and every new mystery of life. 

Here you are not bothered about the results; whether you are getting it or not, getting; here you are not bothered whether you are meeting your expectations or you are not meeting your expectations; here you are free from all bondage. This is the state of bliss. 

Remember, in a state of bliss too things keep happening to you same way; there are no changes. Her, in a state of bliss also expectations are coming to you; greed is coming to you; but here you are not affected. Here you are not waiting for the result. In a state of bliss too desire is coming to you to get your result; it is natural, it will come; but here desire; greed; your expectations are under your control. 

Whatever is there inside you; whether it is anger, whether it is greed; whether it is expectations; whether it is anger, these all are natural energies flowing into your veins, they are not good or bad, they are simply energies; it is up to you how you are using these energies; your way of using makes it good or bad. If you are using expectations, greed, anger, lust in a meditated way, then it becomes a positive force to you; and if your mind is controlling you then these energies become fatal; they become negative.

So, it is entirely up to you how you are leading your life; meditate. Meditation brings you closer to your life. Meditation tells you that accept both; negative and positive, good and bad accept both. They both are together; you simply cannot choose only good and leave bad behind.

First, you do not know what is good or what is bad. You cannot make any difference between greed, lust, expectation whether these are good or bad energies. Second, you cannot choose only good and leave bad behind; because they survive together. 

You have to accept both; you have to digest both. And this power of digesting both, good and bad, comes through Meditation. And the day good and bad; sin and holy start appearing same to you, that day onward Greed, lust; expectations, results will not bother you; here you are Enlighten.  


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