Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meditation- everything is here, inside you; where are you going...

Just now, right here; your self is creating a history inside you; where are you?

You are busy; searching your security, in your future. 

If you are coming to me; I too will say- 'First of all; forget your knowledge, whatever knowledge you have acquired so-far, forget that; forget your books; out of which you have derived your knowledge. Forget your religion.  

Whatever you have learned, whatever you have known till now; you have to forget that. 

You have to forget your religion, you have to forget your church, you have to forget your temple, you have to forget your mosque; you have to forget your religious places, you have to forget your holy books, you have to forget your religion.

You have to be shattered; you have to be broken into pieces

And then, when absolutely nothing is left; except naked you. Then, in that situation of nothingness; in that situation of zero;  I shall, with a feather touch, slightly push you; so that you can dive; you can take a deep plunge inside you.

And when, you will come out, after taking a deep, very deep plunge inside you; in those moments of ecstasy, total silence, whatever happens to you; that is your knowledge; that shall be your religion, that sacred silence is your God; that will be You. 

The light of that knowledge; which will appear inside you amid that celestial silence, drink that elixir; remember drink, do not keep in your mind.    .  

You have to drink that that sacred light; which appeared inside you during that absolute silence. Let that light still inside you in every pore of you; let it spread all over you.  

If you will keep it in your mind; then again any mad man will publish it; he will make it another religious book; and then, again a new religion will take birth. And again, the same world, full of chaos; will continue. 

If you let that sacred light spread all over inside you, then from each and every pore of your body; from you, a fragrance will come out. 

And passing wind; carrying that fragrance into its embrace will be scattered all over around you; and will touch all people; standing around you, within range. 

I am asking you to drink that sacred light (knowledge); and if you do so; then, in that ecstatic moment of nothingness; there will be an explosion of silence inside you.

And when this sacred ecstasy of silence explodes inside you; become that explosion.   

And out of that explosion only one sound will be emerging out; from you; whispering into your ears continuously- "AHAM BRAHMA ASTU; I AM THE CREATOR".