Monday, December 31, 2012

Suicide, Anger, Jealousy and You

A deep Suicide, in-side, while staying Awake…may lead your path, towards NIRVANA.

Celibacy can be attended, total freedom can be achieved…if a deep Suicide HAPPENS in-side you…Suicide of your ignorance, suicide of the division inside you. Here Suicide is happening, inside you. Here Suicide is not a force...Here Suicide is Meditation.

Sometimes, ignorance is not a bliss…it is dangerous. That is why teenage suicide is always in news…it keeps happening. You must understand What is Suicide? What is Anger? What is Envy, what is Jealousy? What is the cause of teenage suicide? 

You are always being ruled by your mind. A very frustrating life, where you have lost everything, has shaken you badly. Finding, there is no way to come mind compels you to take the fatal decision...and you commit suicide.

It might be the cause of anything, say anger; jealousy; total failure etc, anything. Reasons are always there, logic is always there...You are dead! 

This is life, sometimes situation might be that bad, that you take the extreme decision. Why? Because you are continuously ruled by your mind...your mind is talking all decision, in your life. Mind is very powerful... cunning too.

You entire body, your entire being is Divine. Your body is a Church; a Mosque, a Temple or any religious place...because God resides in you.

You might ask, if that is so then why there are so many injustice happening in this world? Absolutely true...movement of the Universe; God’s will is unknown. Can you measure a sky?

It is better to understand, how to behave when Almighty is taking your a ruthless way. In such a situation, instead of cursing God better try to find the ways to come of it. 

And that you can do... if you stay Alert. If situation is absolutely hopeless...then think, how to stay healthy in such a situation. Remember health is important, and Yes mind plays a great role. And if you are healthy, strong from inside...You can control your Mind. 

What is Suicide; what is anger; how to commit suicide...these all are of state of mind. Because you are a weak person, your mind takes a negative decision for simple take the extreme step. You go and join any anger management course. I am not saying that anger management course is bad or good. I am simple trying to to indicate a healthy path, to choose.

Meditation is the Key. Now you will ask, What is Meditation; How to Meditate? What is the Techniques of Meditation...this How is a problem. 

Choose select whatever ways techniques, of doing Meditation comes to your mind...and that is the techniques of Meditation. But practice it religiously; honestly. Forget everything...just concentrate on Meditation. Gradually you will stat listening you inner voice; you will start realizing yourself. 

Self realization is not easy. It takes does not happen overnight, have Patience. 

Anger is bad. Jealousy will destroy you. Suicide is dangerous. Your mind is ruling you. Everything is inside you. There is nothing bad, there is nothing good. Your thinking, makes it bad, good or dangerous.

We all human being are blessed with everything, inside us. Suicide; Anger; Jealousy, they are merely energy, flowing inside us. This is your ignorance, which make them, ugly or dangerous. 

Life saving drugs also might become fatal for you, if you take it in wrong way. Mind is ignorance, your lack of knowing (not knowledge) a thing is dangerous...and you take an extreme decision, and you start finding the to commit suicide. 

Self Realization is very important. And it can only happen through Meditation. Suicide thoughts, anger towards anybody, jealousy towards anybody can become your strength...if used in a proper way. And that you can do...only when your mind is in  your control. 

Stay thankful to the person who has provoked you, stay thankful to the situation which has compelled you to to commit suicide. Something was disturbing inside, and it came out. 

Your entire personality; your very existence is divided. There are multiple things, happening inside you all the time
too much noise is there, inside you. First you are being ruled by your mind, then your adversity rules, then you are ruled by society; what people will say? 

How can you listen the Silence; how can you listen your own voice. 

You have no time, either you are extremely stressed; depressed, or you are busy finding the to commit suicide. You are happy, you know the difference between right and wrong... you know, you have been taught that Anger is bad, jealousy will destroy and you mind guides must commit suicide, because there is no point for you in living further, your time has come... you must commit suicide.

Yes, You must Commit Suicide...INSIDE. 

Your chaos, you disturbance; your mind; existing multiple divisions inside you; too much noise inside...must die- Commit Suicide, Inside.

Let-us practice a small exercise together, you might understand...

  • Stand erect. 
  • Legs apart. 
  • Eyes closed. 
  • Chin high. 
  • Open your arm...Open Arm is the indication of total, surrender; total acceptance.
  • Look slightly up. 
  • Take deep breath.
  • Stay in that position for few seconds. 
  • Repeat for five times.
  • Relax. 
When you surrender, to yourself totally, when you accept everything, whatever comes to you, with the same become ONE.

Entire nature; entire universe is inside you. 

The word ONE starts with...’O’. And ‘O’ is a beginning, no end, no death, no birth...only YOU.

Just Commit Suicide inside. Here suicide is happening, there is no Suicide is silence-.

You will start listening the voice of SILENCE. Your adversity has caused havoc to you, there is no way left for not commit suicide out of frustration...stay here, alert. 

Do not commit Suicide, when nothing is left for you, except adversity. And in such a situation, drink the poison...Become adversity...your adversity will become your strength...Enjoy Your Life.... 


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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Money, Power, Success and You

Life is the best teacher. Circumstantial adoption of a tricky situation, and using it in a smart way…is the key to achieve Money, Power, Success. 

Many methods are there…online money, currency exchange, money exchange etc…question is, how to use it, to dig the Gold?

Money making is certainly essential, and good. But same time…it is risky too. You can see many people around you who are rich; influential…but there are not happy.

It is true that money is not everything, but, certainly money plays a great part…in sustaining the loss.

And you have come to a conclusion that…Money, Power and Success will solve all your problems. You have got everything…yet you are not happy, why?

Fear of losing all this is chasing you continuously…filling your mind with negative thoughts. You start knowing about currency exchange, online money. You start designing foolproof strategy to create… money, power and success...just

  • Sit down 
  • Concentrate on an object 
  • Stay quite, without any disturbance 
  •  Keep a blank look 
  • If different thoughts are troubling your mind, do not fight to stop, accept it 
  • Be extremely careful…Stay Awake

Answer yourself, honestly, do not cheat- What do you want? What is Success to you? Do you think that if you posses Money and Power, you will become happy…go for it. Take it seriously, learn every part of making money; investment etc.  Some people say that investment is risky…it is. Because it is not investment  which is risky…it is you ignorance, lack of financial literacy is risky, dangerous.
·         In the process of becoming successful…

  • Stay in the moment
  • Do not imagine and become happy 
  • Achieve first
Never accept any fake happiness. Do not live in Eldorado. Fantasy might appear attractive…but it is not real.  And to understand, what Happiness is…
  • You have to Meditate
  • Through Meditation, you can concentrate, on your goal 
  • This concentration will give you real happiness 
  • It gives your mind a right direction 
  • It controls false temptation

Energy, power energy, solar power, electric power, power in society, any power; any Energy is a product of an extremely powerful MIND. Yes, you mind is the key, your Mind is the answer of your all questions.

Money, Power and Success never solves your problems. It is always your mind which solves your problems. It is your mind which brings happiness to you.  You mind has to be very strong.

  • Mind is cunning too 
  • It might take you in a wrong direction 
  • It might become dangerous 
  • It might destroy you as well

What to do? The answer lies in Meditation. Only meditation can give you a healthy mind. Meditation teaches you how to control your mind…which is very essential for you. Your mind should never control you. It is always you…You should control your MIND.


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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Astrology, Luck and You

An Astrologer was about to knock the door of your good fortune… mystery of the Universe was about to lose its grip…

someone was yelling…‘Luck only favors the brave’, Coincident, managed to creep in, and the Person that Astrologer was talking too…got little success. He was happy.

The Astrologer had won his confidence. That man was happy, simultaneously he was worried too…what will happen if he loses this success, how long this happiness will last? He contacted the Astrologer again. And the Astrologer came to his rescue again…and this continued.

Throughout your life this is happening to you. ‘Luck only favors the brave’- how to become brave? And what about those people who are not brave. Now bravery is the key, for you. 

You have been missing the point although your life. First of all you have to decide, how you want to be happy? When you will be secured…you will be happy. When your misery will go, then you will be happy. When you will become rich, then you will be happy. This future tense is the problem. 

If luck is there everything will be all right…remove this IF.
  • Take a deep breath. 
  • Come out from this hustles.
  •  Relax.
  • Everything is here, within you.
  • You have to just cast a glance. 
The more deep you go, in life…the more understanding will start coming to you. What were you... before you came to this planet Earth? It’s not known to you…nobody knows about this.

Astrology claims the answer. Astrologer never knew about astrology, when he took birth. Later astrological signs came at the surface. Your future can be predicted, by your astrological sign. 
  • Stay here
  • No past
  • No future
  • Everything is here
  • Past is gone
  • Future is yet, to come...not known 
Astrologer can predict, after reading your astrological sign.

Very simple method…Stay here, you will get the answer. Sorrow, Happiness, Hard Time, Good Time, are all part of life. Accept whatever comes to you. If you are doing this meditatively…it will merge, evolve.

All through your life you lived worrying. Because, your happiness is conditional… and your happiness is in your future…it is not here. Future never comes…it is always Present- Here and Now. Stay in moment. Your moment is full of life.

Life can be fulfilled if it accepts both…Good luck and bad luck. When there is no division, between good and bad, when there remains no gape, when you become a circle, where there is no beginning, no end…Life is yours-Fulfilled.

Luck is not known to you. You are going to an Astrologer; you tell him about your astrological sign, then he predicts, he tells you the ways; the rituals to be performed, to be happy; to be lucky.

Nobody can predict that you will always stay happy. And if it is so, if misery; bad times are bond to keep coming, in spite of your visit to your astrologer; in spite of your performing rituals; in spite of the methods your astrologer has asked you to perform, if Misery; Stress; Negativity has to keep coming…what is the use.
  • Accept the life as it is. 
  • Accept, whatever comes to you. 
  •  Drink the poison, staying AWAKE- it will become Elixir.
You are destined. The day you were born, your destiny is fixed. Your liking, disliking apart…your destiny is fixed. You cannot do anything, you are destined, if you do not like it- Refuse to accept it, fight it out, with your full might.

During adversity, when nothing works…stay like a rock, unaffected. When adversity knocks your door, or when you are fully into your adversity…Instead of lamenting, or finding the cause of its happening –create another opportunity for you. 

‘Luck favors the brave’. Start believing in yourself…same God has created you- Godliness resides in you…go and pick-up your DESTINY- Amen.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Investment, Finance and Meditation

Investment and Finance makes the journey comfortable ..start little early. 

Take the risk. Accept the challenge. Do not run away in panic...Education is important. Financial literacy is a must.

Now the question arises- If you are literate, if you are financial literate...why to take risk?

Results are unknown. You wait for the result...keeping your fingers crossed.

A financial literate mind, a well planned strategy, a careful assurance to your desired result, and mostly you get it. If you are not financial literate... result is always a gamble for you. You might win, or you might lose. Though whether you are financial literate or not...situation is same everywhere.

If you are literate, your waiting for the result in a healthy atmosphere...mostly you will not lose.

Mind, always play an important role. Mind can become fatal too, if it indicates towards a wrong destination.

Any investment, whether it is Bank Investment, or it is Africa is risky. You might lose, you might not lose.

Mind is extremely powerful. You can use it in a smart way...if your mind is in your control. And if you are in control of your mind...your so-called well wisher, will tell you- 'I was telling you Investment is risky, but you did not listen, now see you have lost everything'.

Ignorance, not knowing, an uneducated Mind is risky...not Investment. 

Your Mind teaches you financial literacy, your Mind solves your problems. Now the question is- how to develop a healthy mid, and make use of it in a productive way?

Here, the answer lies in the question- to use your mind in a productive have to keep your mind in your control. Now, how to control. ones mind? The answer is ...Meditation. Now... Meditation how?
Again the answer is lying in your mind...whatever ways are coming to your mind, use it. Use it carefully...stay awake- apply it honestly.

Meditation is a state of...Total Surrender. 

Finance lobs, Financial Institutions, how and where to invest...these all things are interrelated. Ultimately everything... Bank Investment; Africa investment; where to and how to investment, what to do, to get a finance job, how to find a finance institution, what is alternative investment etc., almost every question; everything you can solve, or you can turn it in your favor...if you have a healthy mind.

Meditation is a state of total surrender... against whom? Where to surrender, and how to surrender? And what is this surrender?

  • Talk to yourself 
  • Do not think
  • Do not apply any tricks
  • Lie or Sit motionless 
  • Whatever is coming to your mid, allow it to come
  • Do not fight with yourself
  • Stay Awake
  • Do not sleep
  • Breath deeply         

Try this. After some time, you will feel a new light...emerging in-side you. And this is the moment...hold it.
You will feel a new power...your mind is in your control.

Now concentrate on your financial education, concentrate on your investment. Whether you are investing in stocks, or you are investing in mutual funds, or you are going for African investment, or you are going for a bank investment, or you are a real estate lover, anything, any kind of investment, you are not afraid  Because you know now. You are financial literate.

Meditation has taught you, how to focus on your goal.

A Meditated Financial Literacy makes you rich from are not afraid to fall


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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Suicide...Misery, Causes and Meditation

You are the Beginning, You are the End.

We all are sailing on the same boat...our journey might be different, Destination is same- sometimes words are less, it finishes in-between A to Z, then comes Grammar- there is no boundary, no grammar...Just you.

You are the universe- someone was asking me yesterday- 'You write article on Techniques of Meditation, what is the Technique?

There is no technique, for Meditation...and that is the Technique. Meditation is already there, in-side you, very much existing. Only this Awakening has to HAPPEN, to you.

Words are less...meanings are eternal. Contradiction, Confusion has to come...welcome will feel Meditation in-side you.

Meditation is not needed...this realization will come to you. But for that, one has to begin somewhere- One has to realize, its always HERE, very much in-side you.

But you are not here, you are in your future, searching your Destiny; searching your happiness. You are searching your happiness in future.Your happiness is here, inside YOU...just cast a glance... Your happiness is within you.

Mundane life, of yours, has brought misery, its difficult to solve- You are leading a disturbed Married life. You have lost your business; you have lost, your job. Entire life is ahead, your family is depending on you...What to do? You start finding the reason...

You do feel like committing suicide, sometimes. and that is the end...You have solved your problems, you want to commit suicide, that is the only option, left to you.

Suicide is not the solution. Do not escape from you Misery, face it. Accept the challenge, merge into your Misery. Move Cautiously. accept the heat, absorb will merge, inside will become Meditation.

Your Suicide will create Misery, for your family. You could not take the heat, of your difficult days; you could not solve the problem, and there was no alternative left to you, except to commit suicide. Yes it is tough to face problems, which cannot be solved...FACE it, your answer is within you...FIND it.

You are always running. Sometimes, devastating misery, do comes. For God's sake, do not get panicked in such a situation. The first thing you do- Do Not Try to Come Out of It...
  • Relax
  • Sit down
  • Meditate
  • Compose yourself
  • Look at your Misery              
 Answer, is within you. You might not get immediate solution. Your misery might not go away, this happens in an exceptional case. The word 'Might', is tricky, its always comes with a double meaning.

Your Misery will go...and that's for certain.

Now you may ask- How? Meditation will take you in an entirely different world, where you can clearly see...the Reason and the Solution of your misery.

Monks, might say 'It is the out come of your own deed'... it is Not. Further they might say,  you might say 'You must have done something wrong, in your previous birth, so you are suffering, now,...again, it is not so.

I shall talk to you again, in my another article, on this topic- right now let me show you the way- How you can come out from your misery?

Again, do not try to come out, from your Misery. The more more you try, the more difficult it will become for you. People might advice you...'leave it to God'- for God's sake do not leave it to God. Its your problem, you solve it.

The day you accept this challenge...staying Awake, you will get the light- Become the Misery.

Do not let your misery, go away from you, hold it tightly- it will not go...It will Merge. And this merging, is a Blessing- You Misery will become your strength.  

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