Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Suicide...Misery, Causes and Meditation

You are the Beginning, You are the End.

We all are sailing on the same boat...our journey might be different, Destination is same- sometimes words are less, it finishes in-between A to Z, then comes Grammar- there is no boundary, no grammar...Just you.

You are the universe- someone was asking me yesterday- 'You write article on Techniques of Meditation, what is the Technique?

There is no technique, for Meditation...and that is the Technique. Meditation is already there, in-side you, very much existing. Only this Awakening has to HAPPEN, to you.

Words are less...meanings are eternal. Contradiction, Confusion has to come...welcome it...you will feel Meditation in-side you.

Meditation is not needed...this realization will come to you. But for that, one has to begin somewhere- One has to realize, its always HERE, very much in-side you.

But you are not here, you are in your future, searching your Destiny; searching your happiness. You are searching your happiness in future.Your happiness is here, inside YOU...just cast a glance... Your happiness is within you.

Mundane life, of yours, has brought misery, its difficult to solve- You are leading a disturbed Married life. You have lost your business; you have lost, your job. Entire life is ahead, your family is depending on you...What to do? You start finding the reason...

You do feel like committing suicide, sometimes. and that is the end...You have solved your problems, you want to commit suicide, that is the only option, left to you.

Suicide is not the solution. Do not escape from you Misery, face it. Accept the challenge, merge into your Misery. Move Cautiously. accept the heat, absorb it...it will merge, inside you...it will become Meditation.

Your Suicide will create Misery, for your family. You could not take the heat, of your difficult days; you could not solve the problem, and there was no alternative left to you, except to commit suicide. Yes it is tough to face problems, which cannot be solved...FACE it, your answer is within you...FIND it.

You are always running. Sometimes, devastating misery, do comes. For God's sake, do not get panicked in such a situation. The first thing you do- Do Not Try to Come Out of It...
  • Relax
  • Sit down
  • Meditate
  • Compose yourself
  • Look at your Misery              
 Answer, is within you. You might not get immediate solution. Your misery might not go away, this happens in an exceptional case. The word 'Might', is tricky, its always comes with a double meaning.

Your Misery will go...and that's for certain.

Now you may ask- How? Meditation will take you in an entirely different world, where you can clearly see...the Reason and the Solution of your misery.

Monks, might say 'It is the out come of your own deed'... it is Not. Further they might say,  you might say 'You must have done something wrong, in your previous birth, so you are suffering, now,...again, it is not so.

I shall talk to you again, in my another article, on this topic- right now let me show you the way- How you can come out from your misery?

Again, do not try to come out, from your Misery. The more more you try, the more difficult it will become for you. People might advice you...'leave it to God'- for God's sake do not leave it to God. Its your problem, you solve it.

The day you accept this challenge...staying Awake, you will get the light- Become the Misery.

Do not let your misery, go away from you, hold it tightly- it will not go...It will Merge. And this merging, is a Blessing- You Misery will become your strength.  

Stop Press: You have asked, What is the Techniques of Meditation? Whatever method, techniques, comes to your mind...use it- Stay Awake. One very interesting and useful method I have come across, which I would like to share with you- Click Here