Monday, July 7, 2014

Meditation, Death and You

Meditation and Death both happens now. Death always comes Here and Now.

Death is just the beginning of another unknown journey. 

Death is a celebration. Tell your people to celebrate your death; do not morn. Only one thing is certain, that one day death has to come; when it will come is not known. 

Secret of Life and Death is unknown; and there lies the beauty. Universe is a mystery; it moves in a mysterious way. Science is trying its best, since long, to unfold this mystery. 

The more you try to unfold it; the more mysterious it becomes. Live your life; live in moments, each and every moment is blissful. Your life is the best gift given to you, from Almighty, enjoy it.

Difficulties; hardship keeps coming…accept it. Whatever situation you are in; watch it, let it happen. Do not get affected. You have to walk the lake, without getting wet. 

Your sustaining power has to be strong. Your entire being should be in your control; yes, it is possible. If your defense is strong; then there is no need to make any offensive move. 

Sustain; whatever is happening to you...sustain; do not bear. You have to play your role, your part; whatever Almighty has given you, play it nicely. Meditate. 

Meditation will open many doors for you. Meditation will show you the way; how to sustain? Meditation will tell you; how to stay as a witness, without getting affected.

Your mind should be in your control; and then live through your entire body. Do not live through your mind; for example…
  • if you are looking at the sea become the look, look through your eyes, do not think that you are looking at the sea. 
  • If you are drinking a glass of water drink slowly, test the water; feel the coolness. 
  • Whatever you are doing or whatever situation you are in…become totally involved. 

You have to give your total attention; you have to involve your entire being whatever situation you are in. If you are sad; become sad. If you are happy; become happy. Do not try to do anything extra. Like if difficulties are there accept; do not try to come of it because, only through your acceptance you can come out of your difficulties.

Enjoy each and every moment of this blissful life, and for that there is a very simple method, and the method is…stay in moments. 

Death has to come; if you are staying in moments…you can experience your death. If you are into meditation; even death will become a very beautiful; a blissful experience for you. And this will be carrying with you a blissful state.

Then you are not scared. Then death will not worry you; on the contrary you are ready to face it, meet it, any moment. 

Meditation and death; both are similar. Meditation takes you to a state where nothing exists, then for you only moment exists, and that is the moment of bliss...and that is the moment of death. 

Accept your death, in a joyous mood…and there is no death for you; it is just another unknown journey. 


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