Tuesday, April 8, 2014

meditation, Breathing and You

Just cast a deep penetrating glance at your breathing. 

The most important aspect of your life, you have been ignoring…what is there to look at? It comes in; goes out of its own, what is there to look? What is there to look; nothing can be done, it is a natural process…your mind keeps telling you. Absolutely correct nothing can be done? And precisely, this is the missing point. Entire concept is been missed since beginning…you are busy somewhere else.

Nothing can be done; you do not have anything to do. How it is possible that without your involvement; without your doing something, such an important force, can exist…that too in-side you? It is impossible; your ego is hurt. 

And the most essential aspect of you existence…is ignored. The most easy thing; becomes the most difficult thing to perform. Your ego has to be satisfied; your mind has to be satisfied. Unless you do something; unless you create something…nothing can move. 

Certainly, ignorance is not bliss here. Just cast a deep penetrating glance at your breathing. Do not do anything. Do no disturb the rhythm. 
  • Move with you breathe; go in, come out…keep moving.
  • Lye on your back; or sit in a Yoga position, Padamaasna. And keep moving with the breathe
  • Nothing extra should be done.
This is a very deep form of Meditation. You cannot do anything. Nothing is in your hand. Staying in the moments; floating with you breathe, staying alert…is the answer of your all misery, anxiety, panic attacks etc.

There are many breathing exercises in Yoga. Perform all…and whatever comes easily to you, pick up that. 
  • Your entire life will change. 
  • You will glow.
  • Your existence will become healthy.
The most important aspect of your life; the base; the backbone, the very existence of yours, is ignored. The result…you can see the mess around you; inside you.

Money is not needed here. Success is not needed her. In fact nothing is needed hereThis nothingness is powerful (on nothingness, in my next article)

Here no extra effort is needed. Here you and this nothingness, where you do not have to do anything, is important. And that is the most difficult thing for you; where you do not have do anything, because, you are used to a very different kind of life style, to live with. 

You have been always doing something. You are always after something…one finishes; another starts. You have no time; you are busy. Always, you have to reach somewhere; always you have to go somewhere. Where?  You do not know?

Suddenly, Death is before you. You realize; you have not done anything, so far. And that realization is late.

Cast a deep penetrating glance at your breathing. Move along with your breathe…either lying like a dead body; or sitting in a Yoga position- for the first time; you will realize; you will feel…the entire existence inside you. 

All the Best.


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