Monday, July 13, 2015

Meditation, Hope, and You...

Catharsis was about to lose its value. happiness was giving a petulant look to the mundane crisis. Evangelism, fading away gradually in eternity; looked at the breath; a faint smile came. Still, hope is there; he was breathing. When everything is lost; hope keeps you awaken.

And, when you are awakened; any moment the lightning can happen. Hope is strong; it gives you a reason to live. Under any circumstance; hope survives. Whether you are hoping against hope; or your hope is false; you are finished completely, your this hope is shallow; it does not matter. What matters is; Hope is alive.

And the rejuvenated system of yours; bounced back to life. And, out of no where music started playing; once again. This is the most beautiful challenge to your adversity. Yes, this is true 'never say die'. You are surviving; you are breathing; and, so is your hope.

Hope is meditation; it gives you a meaning to live with. your shadow might leave you; just to prove that slogan right, that 'sometimes, even your shadow deserts you', but, you have to move with your breath. Do not ask for forgiveness; don't be silly, you have not done anything wrong. It's merely your much deserving right, which you are opting for; you should have got it long back.

If happiness is not coming to you; stay happy. Stay happy under any circumstance. Certainly, this state of of being happy under any circumstance; is not the acceptance of your miserable life; you are merely laughing amidst adversity.

You have to be little careful here; it is tricky. The God is tricky; she/he keeps playing merciless tricks with you, just to judge you; whether you are true to your demands or not, whether you really deserve your asked demand, or you do not deserve it.

It is She/He who keeps you happy even in your adversity; just to test you; that, if you are happy, if you are satisfied, even this mediocre way of your life, then you deserve this kind of life; you are made for this kind of life; you do not deserve a luxurious, successful life.  

What you deserve; you get. If you are laughing amid you adversity; without surrendering to misery's dictate; and if you are continuously challenging God; saying, that though you are laughing, it is certainly not acceptance of this mediocre life.

If you are continuously challenging God; proving your worth, yelling at Her/Him, that, "though, you are in misery, amid adversity, still you are fighting to come out of it. You are restless here. Continuous tortures  of yours (almighty) could not deter me, could shake my faith in me. Though, you (God) have compelled me to live in this kind of miserable life; yet, I have not become habituated, to these kind of miserable, poor; amid poverty, defeated, mediocre life".

"I am a King, I am a winner; and I have proved it a million times to you. Yet, though deprived of all kinds of happiness; I am deserving this kingly life; full of luxury; successful life. O God; O creator of all; you have made me a King. You have made me rich in nature. You have given me a royal nature; how can you ask me to live in misery; amid poverty; a mediocre life"?

"And in the process, on the path of my journey towards you; you (God) have snatched all happiness from me; yet I am not used to live this kind mediocre life, which I have been compelled to lead since ages; till now".

"Without being malicious towards any body; O God; I would like to draw your kind attention that; there are people who are satisfied with their life, whatever you have given them; they are happy with their mediocre life. They say that you have given them bread and butter and they are happy with that; they are thankful to You. I am not".

"I am not happy; merely with bread and butter. I need chicken; and this thought; you have given me. You have made me in this way. Now, after this prolonged failure, you (God) kept putting obstacles in my ways. You (God), kept destroying all my efforts. And without any complains to you; I am still fighting for my rights; for happiness".

"Now, the very life is going to an end; any moment. O God; O creator of this Universe; wake-up and bestow your kind smile upon me too".

And, after your this conversation with your God; keep fighting; keep asking for the chicken; keep fighting for your right. When you die; either people will say 'a winner has gone', or they will say 'a hero; a fighter is gone'. Never give-up. Hope keeps you alive; and you keep your hope alive.

Hope is powerful; it injects life into you. Get what you want from your life; but first judge yourself. Judging yourself; is not an easy job. The power, of judging yourself; comes through meditation. Keep making an effort, to get what you want from life.

Meditation opens all doors. Whatever techniques of meditation come your way, use it, and meditate.

Compulsions apart; whether it is coming to you  by little unfavorable wind, or these compulsions are coming to you by your bad luck, or God is testing you; have faith in you; keep faith alive in you And, if you really deserve it; nothing can distract you. Allow you hope to keep you alive...