Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Suicide, Meditation, Happiness, Peace...in search

Commit suicide, in awareness...staying alert- a very deep salvation will take birth in-side you, and that moment...you are reborn. 

You have been chased by an unknown fear all through your life. And you are in search of happiness. You have achieved everything in life…yet, no satisfaction. Something is disturbing you, continuously. You are disturbed. You go to church; you go to temple; you go to mosque, you go to all religious places…yet, no solace. 

You start thinking; you have achieved everything in life…why you are not happy? You practice yoga, you meditate regularly, and you do all possible things to be happy…still, peace of mind is not there. You cannot sleep in night. You take medicine to sleep…no result. What to do? 

This is the big question mark in your life? You are not getting any answer. This disturbance is killing you. Finally, you take a dangerous step…and you commit Suicide. You fail in your exam, and you commit suicide. 

Some fear; some disturbance is chasing you, not only chasing you, rather it compels you, to take such a dangerous step...and without realizing anything...you commit suicide. People around you are surprised…why such a successful, wealthy and happy man, committed suicide? This question is not answered. 

The answer is very simple. The answer is innocent. The problem is…simple things do not attract you. It is so simple; so easy. You are not bothered; you never paid any attention. And you traveled all over the world, in search of peace…no result. 

Extreme of failure in life has compelled you to take the dangerous step, to commit suicide.

Your mind was seized; rather your mind seized your heart; your mind seized everything inside you, and your mind compelled you to take this step. 

You could not see anything. You never realized anything. And before this realization comes to you...you are gone. Again, the question mark…what to do? Do not do anything.

Yes, this is the answer. And the answer is within you- do not do anything; for God’s sake…do not do anything. In such a situation, where every method is failed, then the only method is left to you is…do not do anything.

This not doing anything, is more powerful then atom. It is not easy to reach this state, where you realize the power of nothingness; where silence is the loudest sound, you have ever heard. The simplest thing becomes the most difficult thing to perform.

To reach this state of mind, where you can perform; where you realize; where you can understand, this not doing method...is not easy. This awareness has to come to you, otherwise you will stay disturbed. You cannot enjoy your life. 

This life is beautiful. Destruction do comes…face it. Challenge it. Accept it. 

Accept the death. Accept suicide.

And when you are accepting suicide…stay alert

Talk to the tendency, of committing suicide. Look at the suicide; when committing suicide, become suicide. A deep, very deep suicide is needed to awake you. 

Commit suicide, in awareness. Do this; commit suicide in full awareness; feeling each and every moment of it; commit suicide. 

Mark my words a very deep salvation will take birth in side you…that very moment. And at that moment; you are reborn. 
Your rebirth, you have experienced; your rebirth you have felt…this moment. It happens in moments. In fact it is always happening…Here and now it is always happening…but you are busy searching peace; all over the world. 

Creation of human being is unique…it is the master work of the Almighty. It always happens in moment; right now before youyou are not aware of it. Simple reason why you are not aware of it is…you are never happy; you are never Here

You are always travelling. If you are eating your food, you are not eating…your mind is eating, not you…you are busy somewhere thinking something.

How peace will come to you? You have to look at the disturbance inside you…everything is in a mess.  You have to clean this pollution. And it is not easy to clean this pollution, because…it is so simple. 

Yes, performing the simplest task is the most difficult thing. Simply, stay here. Whatever you are doing; whatever you want to do, in your life…do it staying there. Do not cross; stay there; stay here…wherever you are…stay there. To achieve this power…Meditate.

Meditation is the answer. Commit suicide in awareness, this suicide, which you are trying to commit in awareness will be a suicide of your ignorance; your ignorance has to die. And this death of your ignorance will give you a new life; it will not take your life. 

This awareness of yours…will be full of life. It will give a healthy touch, to your existence; resulting, in future, whenever this suicidal thought will knock at your door...you will stay unaffected.

Wading through the lake; without getting wet, is the purpose of this article. This life is a very precious gift to you from Almighty...Enjoy each and every moments of your life....all the best. 

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