Saturday, May 3, 2014

Meditation, Depression, Prayer and You...

Your Prayer is an acute outcome of your depression. You pray, when you are depressed. 

In an extreme state of your depression, instead of praying to your God…communicate with yourself. This communication is important. 

Do not make it too obvious. Communicate with yourself in a subtle way... when you are feeling, that you are at a total loss.  Do not preach yourself; others as well… talk; communicate, you will get the answer. 

You entire being is the best University. You are the question; you are the answer. To seek an answer; to seek forgiveness for your sin…asks yourself. Do this; and see the result. 

Unless you do; unless you perform, you will not get the answer. Your mind may misled you; fearing losing its importance. Your mind may say to you; ‘it is useless. Listen to your heart…and perform your duty. 

Whatever I am writing is me; not you. You may differ; you must differ. Do not agree with me; you must differ. Unless you differ; how you will recognize yourself. To, recognize yourself; listen to your own voice… do not follow.

It is the worst sin you will be committing to yourself; if you follow anybody blindly, either with open eyes; or with closed eyes… does not follow; you must differ, create your own answer.

Mental idiosyncrasies among human beings differs, it is not possible to agree all the time; do not agree; do not follow…listen to your own inner voice. Become independent; do not depend on others. Make your own choice. 

Do not seek agreement; do not seek anything…simply talk to yourself and you will get the answer. If by any chance someone is becoming your follower; discard, make him free, independent. 

To awake, you have to become independent. A dependent existence is weak. Become strong.  Your, self talk is your prayer; your meditation is your prayer.  

Mind it, your Prayer is silent no words; only silence. Communicate in silence. Words are less, when feeling is deep; hence, communication becomes difficult sometimes…I am merely talking to you; not teaching. 

Let us keep talking to each other; let us explore together more deeply. When depressed; stay there; do not try to come out. Your depression, like Alchemy, will dissolve. You cannot remove anything; everything has to dissolve, and take a new birth. 

Meditation gives you many things. Whatever techniques for meditation suits you; use that. All are important, and good. Stay healthy; become strong…all the best.


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