Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Meditation techniques, Health, Breathing and You

Somewhere, it is written that there are 112 techniques of meditation…try all. 

Whatever suits you, pick up. Breathing, how? Very important to know…how do you breathe? 

Continuously it is floating into you…and you are not bothered to check, how you breathe. It is a great form of Meditation.

Lying on your back, move with your breathe…just move, do not do anything else, inhaling; exhaling, keep on moving. You can sit on floor, with folded legs, in a yoga position, and do this exercise.

In those 112 meditation techniques, most of them are regarding breathing. Remarkable results you will get, if you follow any of those exercises. Your entire persona will change. Here, you absolutely do not have to do anything. You have to live your life the way it is.

Whatever comes your way, accept it, accept it totally. Do not decide; do not chose between right and wrong; between good and bad…accept both. You cannot get away. Good and bad; right and wrong; black and white, it is woven in such a way, in your life, that you cannot get away…accept both. 

And move with your breathe…go everywhere; wherever it goes…remember, just move; float, no extra effort is needed. 

And while doing so, if you feel disturb; too many thoughts starts coming to you…accept that. Accept the distraction. And when you are in the process of accepting the distraction…become distraction, and keep moving along with your breathe, absolutely, wherever it is going go; inhaling; exhaling…move with your breath.

If you find it difficult to perform; if you are finding it difficult to understand…pick up another breathing exercise, from those 112 meditation techniques. Prayanam, is another very good; very effective Yoga, do this. 

There is only one problem, in not recognizing this, and that problem is…You.

The easiest thing in life is…living the life as it is; in an easy way. Whatever comes in an easy way; effortless…You have refused to accept. Because your mind is continuously telling you…’this is absurd, do not waste your time; earn first’. Result…when you are very successful rich in your life; when you have achieved everything in your life, and then too you are restless; ill.

This illness has to go. This illness is stopping you to see; to feel the wonder of this beautiful Universe. This illness of yours is stopping you, from enjoying this world, like listening the songs of birds; listening the songs of air; and listening the songs of silence

You have been missing all this, all through your life. The day you took birth; you were innocent; every child is innocent, and that is why every child is beautiful; energetic. 

Universe is a great mystery, you are a great mystery. The most beautiful aspect of this mystery is…it is being unfold again and again, right before you. But you have closed your eyes. 

Now you may ask…’if it is being unfold again and again, then the mystery is gone, every one knows, then why it is called a mystery?’

This question comes to you; or might come to you, because you have closed your eyes. This mystery has unfolded its secret umpteen time before you, but your eyes are closed. 

Whenever you open your eyes…you can see; you can feel…mystery is opening, and it is reveling its beauty to you. And to open your eyes, you must move with you breathe…and drink the nectar, yourself. 

And for this…Best of Luck.


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