Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meditation, Ego, Relationship; how to get your lost love back...

Here, this relationship is eternal. Meditate; enter into a relationship, and enjoy the beauty of eternal togetherness.

If nothing is working; forget. One poet once said; ‘and during the journey of your life; the relationship which cannot be carried along with; leave that giving it a beautiful end’.

Do not hold; set free. Do not brood; do not repent. Do not try desperately to get your love back. Remember, relationship once broken; it leaves its mark. Try your best to maintain; if it is inevitable; give it nice end. Either drop, or hold; this is the mantra; do not stick in-between.

Life keeps moving; you also move with it. Do not stay in one place; you cannot either, you have to move with the life; life is continually moving ahead; you cannot stop at one place; getting stuck in the past, or with your future is another thing; there you are not moving with your life, your thought is there; physically you are always moving with your life; mentally you are always somewhere else. 

Your life is always taking you along with. Almighty’s amazing creation is life. Life keeps moving and it never detaches you; it keeps taking you along with wherever it goes. It is you who are leading a false life; you are not in life, you are not here, you not in a moment; you are somewhere else either in your past or in your future; either lamenting your relationship or you are glorifying your relationship. 

You are not moving with your life. Life is meeting nature’s surprise at every step taking you along with; physically you are there mentally you are somewhere else thinking about your relationship. If you are in a relationship you become suspicious; if you are not in your relationship, your trying learning method to get her/him back, like at present you are reading this article. You are never in; with your life; which is always healthy, full of life.

You are stuck with dead memories, and you become habitual, living with dead things; real life does not attract you; because here your ego is not satisfied. An ego has to be satisfied; and ego is always dead. Real life has never attracted you; because you have become habitual to live with dead things; your mind; your ego. 

And preciously this is the reason of your break up, or your troubled relationship. The day you start moving with your life; accepting whatever is coming your ways totally; two things will happen; first there won’t be any break up, or by any reason if, the break up happens; certainly there won’t be any tension to bring it back; it will be left behind; giving it a beautiful, end. 

And to live with your life; you have to stay in a moment. And the technique, how stay in a moment; comes through meditation. Meditation brings you closer to life. Learn meditation, use whatever method is coming to your mind, and start doing meditation. 

Always grow in your relationship; this is only possible if you are moving with your life. And the moment you learn how to grow in a relationship; there won’t be any tension.  

Staying in a moment and growing, always growing in a relationship is a beautiful experience. Here, you meet your life for the first time, till now you were either staying in your past or in your future, this meeting; this communication, with both of you, is unique; here there is no need to bring someone back. Here this relationship is eternal. Meditate; enter into a relationship, and enjoy the beauty of eternal togetherness.


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