Thursday, September 19, 2013

Techniques of Meditation...Stay Here

Stay Here, It’s beautiful, Sunset and Sunrise looks same…here is the end, here is the beginning…stay here, don’t move, keep floating, something is continuously happening inside you, too much noise is there, inside you- listen to the waves, there are say something.

You have no time, you are somewhere else in your future, thinking, the day you become rich…you will be happy- and it’s happening, Now, Here and Now, very much deep down, within you…stay here, stay alert.

Confusion and contradiction, has to go together.  Truth is the outcome of Confusion and contradiction.  Truth, consists everything, confusion and contradiction, good and bad, honesty and dishonesty, everything. That is why, it is called Truth.

Now, the techniques of Meditation…it varies. It depends, how you have understood meditation? How, Meditation has come to you. Hours together, you go on sitting at the same place, concentrating on a particular object…if this gives you understanding about meditation…do it, do it totally.

Techniques differ, from person to person. Because, every person, have different idiosyncrasies. Goal is the same. Nature is same. Air is same. Ways of grasping it, differs.

Mind is cunning, it will lure you, and it will take you somewhere else. It will create confusion in-side you. It will bring contradiction to you. If you are in the control of your mind, you will reach nowhere. You will stay confused. What to do?

And you start searching…the techniques of meditation. You will reach nowhere. You search will not come to an end. Meditation is dangerous too. Too much of meditation, without understanding it, too much of practice, without knowing it…might create a lifeless vacuum, an impotency in you.

Remember, Meditation is always full of life…understand first. Understand Meditation first, before accepting it. Realize first…what Meditation is. Meditation opens the gate for you…from where you can feel the universe within you.

Meditation awakes. Yes, this awakening is a must. You might get lost in your search. This search, about the techniques of meditation…is a search, within you. You do not have to go anywhere. You do not have to do anything for it.

Doing is a force…you have to do it. And meditation is not a force. Meditation is not an extra effort.

Meditation happens. And the word happening always happens, without any force. Meditation is been happening in-side you, since the day you took birth. You never realized it, because, you are searching the technique, somewhere else.

You sit down, at a place hours together, concentrating on a simple object, and after finishing your exercise, you feel relaxed…you have searched, the techniques. Your pilgrimage is over.  And after few days, or months, or years, you are back, to your original place…and your search starts, again.

Cast a deep glance within. And in the process, of casting the glance, apply a simple method, a simple trick, do not do anything else, do not do anything extra…while casting the deep glance within you, become the glance.

You will realize, you are born meditative, only this realization, only this feeling, has to touch you…and when it is touching you...become the touch. And this is, the Techniques of Meditation.


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Monday, September 16, 2013

Meditation and Time...Here and Now...

Time is eternal.

Because Time is always, here. Time is neither past, nor is always, here. Your entire existence is here. You are breathing here. You are living here. You take birth, here,now. You die here, now.

In history, nobody has ever died in body has ever taken birth, in future, or past. It is always here.

And you are always either in your past, or in your future. Either lamenting, finding reasons, for your failure...or you are in you future, planning for your success. The day you become, successful, you will become happy. You are never here. And this is the problem, of your miserable life. And instead of searching, reason of your failure, within start searching it, somewhere else, in your future, or in your past.

Past is gone, past is dead, future has not yet come. And you are there, either in your past, or in your future...searching your answer. Past is gone, future never comes...because, it is always, Here and Now.

What to do? You have to plane, you have to search the answer. And your pilgrimage, you journey starts. You start reading, books, you start visiting start finding results somewhere, else.

Nature is mysterious. In fact everything, around you, in-side you is mysterious. One has to unfold it...Who? You. Yes, it is you, only you...who can unfold it.

OK, now you got, you have to unfold it. You have to understand it. And again, your pilgrimage, your journey are somewhere else, solving the problem. you are never here. And yes, precisely, this is the reason, of your misery.

We all are born mysterious. You can not unfold it. It is eternal. You cannot measure the cannot unfold the mystery, around. Understand it. Feel it. Realize it. How...just stay here.

Do not go anywhere, do not do anything. Doing is always a force. and force is not needed here. Let it happen...keep floating. You do not have to go where. Your answer is lying within you. You are the cause, you are the answer.

You are a part of this universe. whatever is happening to you, whatever is happening around you...let it happen. You cannot change it. Whatever has to happen, will happen. Accept it. Accept to to.

Celebrate your misery, celebrate your happiness. This comes through, Meditation. And to know to do meditation, whatever ways is coming to you mind...accept it. You are the answer, you are the question.

Nobody else, can ever solve it for you. Nobody else, has ever solved it for you. You solve it. you can solve it. You have to solve it. How? Whatever is coming to your mind...just accept it, do it. Do it totally. Give your best, and while doing...stay alert.

You are a universal fact. Whatever is coming to your mind, is a universal fact. But it is a fact, for you. Every person has a different idiosyncrasy...this too is an universal fact. Accept it.

Problem starts, when you start thinking that, whatever you are thinking, or whatever you are saying, is a universal fact. Yes, it is a universal fact for you...not for others.

The real problem starts, when you start expecting that, others too, should behave, act, the way you wish. Because, whatever you are a universal fact, because you are right. Yes, you are right, for yourself...not for others.

That is why, I keep saying, whatever method is coming to you, to do meditation...accept it, do it. Stay alert, stay is happening inside you. You will start feeling it...just do your meditation. And the day, you start feeling it, you will realize do no need Meditation. 


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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Meditation, misery, panic attacks, obstacles, and You...

Let us move together. Misery, obstacles will keep coming...accept it. Yes, accept it wholeheartedly. Your acceptance will create a circle around...and you will stay, untouched. 

Your obstacle will start protecting you. It appears vague, unbelievable...but its a fact. The more you try to run away from your problems... it will become, more complicated. You try to get rid of cannot avoid it. 

You do not want; nobody wants...your wishes apart, misery keeps coming to you. It is nature. It is life...accept it.

If you do not accept it...then, your time, your circumstance, will compel you to, accept it. That's why, your wishes apart, obstacles, misery, panic attacks, keeps coming...this is life. You cannot accept life in parts. You have to accept it, totally. 

Meditation helps. You have to understand first. Understand life, understand yourself. It's not very difficult. Whatever is coming, your ways...accept it. Do not create a division. You cannot get away.  If you do not accept, nature will compel you to accept it. So, accept it...whatever is coming, your way. And accept it with full not brood.

And while doing so...stay alert. Talk to our obstacles, observe your misery. It appears mad...entire universe is a creation of, madness.

Sane people, rather so-called sane person, will advise you to stay clean. I say, accept dirt too. Accept everything.  Your very existence is a mixture of both, Negative and Positive. How can you accept, only positive thing, in life, and leave negative untouched.

If you are relay interested in learning, what exactly life, is. You have to accept, negative and positive both. You cannot play one sides game. It is not in your hand. Nothing is in your hand.

Destined happiness or unhappiness will happen. You cannot stop it. Degree of reaction is in your hand. How to react; how Act? Never react...always act.

There are different kinds of techniques, in Meditation. Whatever comes to you easily...use that. Always stay alert...start living in moments. 

Because only moments are your past, or your future, do not exists. One is dead, and one is, yet to come.
Stay here...fully awake, alert. This is Meditation. You do not have to go anywhere. Meditation is always you. It is always…Here and Now.

To become Meditative, you do not have to go anywhere. Whatever is happening in your life, accept it totally, do not create a division. Become, like a Circle...there is no beginning, there is no end. Misery, panic attacks, will not make you miserably. You must know how to live your life.


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