Saturday, September 20, 2014

Meditation; Time; Past; Future; and You…

Effortless remedy is lying inside you; and you created havoc; you made atom; for peace happiness. 

Something is missing in the above title. And that missing point is you; you are the missing point. And from this missing point onward; you started missing life; you started missing You. That missing point is, in between Past and Future; Present. Which does not exist for you; you are never here at present; either you are in your past; or you are in your future; thinking; planning something. 

Existence; Life is here; in the present, and you are roaming somewhere in your future searching life; searching happiness; searching peace; or you are stuck somewhere in your past. Present; you are never here.  Wind is blowing here; touching you; untouched you are somewhere. 

You are used to live; to enjoy dead life; hence you never noticed; you never thought; you never realized that you are living a dead life. Entire creation; creation of the universe happened here; this very second; and you are not aware of it; that what is lying here in a moment. 

The present is important. Through meditation you reach a state where even Present do not exist. And the place where even present do not exist; there exists Now; and even Now exists in a moment. Very small moment; contains the entire existence; universe; you;  in its embrace. And you are somewhere else. 

How do you think happiness; realization will ever touch you. You have never felt your life; you are busy in making your career and solving others problems; in your thought. Continuously you are thinking; planning something; and life is passing by unnoticed. 

And when misery strikes you start searching some God to come to your rescue; or you search astrologers to come to your rescue. You start contacting holy books; you start visiting church; mosque; temples for a remedy. And when you are busy doing all this nonsense; life keeps passing by with your remedy; unnoticed. 

You stay devastated. And precisely this is the reason for your unrest; disturbance; all over the globe. The remedy is inside you; you have to stay for a while; and you have to float in a moment. God has created everything in such perfection that you do not have to do anything for peace, happiness; you simply have to float.

Effortless remedy is lying inside you; and you created havoc; you made atom; for peace; for happiness. When the universe is sitting on nuclear power; atom; then the result is before you; any time, any moment total disaster; destruction awaiting to strike; and you are searching peace, happiness, device; somewhere in your future. 

One more very effective remedy I have come across; law of attraction attracts; and what is that; let us; feel this...

God is here is inside you; and you are searching God somewhere else. You have refused to stop; because now you are so much used to this nonsense that you cannot stop; you will not believe. For believe you have to argue; and when you are convinced by reason; you will believe; and then your pilgrimage starts; you start visiting religious places; you take refuge in religion; you start searching God all over; and God; life  keeps passing unnoticed. his is what your belief has given you. 

How peace will come to you; happiness will come to you? You have to control your mind; and for this; you have to meditate. You have to understand life; and for this you have to meditate. You have to know you; and for this you have to meditate. Unless you are relaxed in awareness nothing will happen; and relaxation comes through meditation. 

Relax; stay in a moment; meditate; float and meet your Life...all the best...