Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meditation, Luck, Astrologer, and You...

When bad luck chases you everywhere; you run for an astrologer…you think an astrologer can bring good luck to you; by using some devices. Astrology is since. There are many astrologers; certainly they are not scientist. 

Predicting the next moment, what is going happen is difficult; predicating the entire future is strange. 

But you have to get rid of your miseries; hence you have to do something. Astrologer is the nearest person who can come for your rescue; it appears to you. And the more miseries start. 

Whether Luck is there or not, is yet a debate. Some people believe in luck; some do not. And the debate goes on. You have tried all methods to get rid of your miseries; sometimes you believe in luck, if you are successful, it is your talent, and if you are a failure, it is your bad luck. 

There is famous saying that…’nothing succeeds like successes’. And that sumps up everything. 

If you are successful you are good; talented, and if you are a failure; either you are dull, or you are a sinner of your past life. 

A failure has to go all kind of embarrassment; insults. A failure is not a human being; he has to stay humiliated, depressed all through his life; this is the price he/she has to pay.

And waiting for Mother Fortune to smile upon him; he starts searching a good astrologer. Now, whether the Astrologer is good or not; he is not aware of; simply he has come with a belief, and hope, that this Astrologer will change his life…and nothing happens. 

His luck is not changed. The successful people is intelligent, smart, he does not believe in luck, he believes in himself / herself, but a slight touch of little unfair wind his entire perceptions of self believe changes. 

So it depends If you are successful you are god, admired, respected, and if you are a failure you are condemned. That is why this saying…’nothing succeeds like success’. 

Problem is with you; your happiness is uncertain; somewhere in future. You are waiting…the day you become successful you will be happy. And your preparation starts; again, an Astrologer is needed. 

Astrologer cannot predict, cannot change his/her own future…and your final hope is lying with him/her. This is ridiculous. 

Now the question how to come out of your misery; how to bring good luck? Your answer lies in Meditation. You have to realize you, and only through meditation self-realization comes. 

Every human being possesses an unique power within him/her. The day you understand that whatever has to come to you is inevitable; you cannot avoid; you will realize that if you cannot avoid; it is always wise to accept whatever is coming your ways. Simply accept, do nothing. 

Yes unfavorable circumstances do pains. There is a very simple method to enjoy this pain…when in extreme pain, for God’s sake do not do anything to get rid of it,  or do not run to any Astrologer for a remedy; and do not curse your luck…when after losing all hopes you are in extreme pain; become the pain. 

Do not allow your pain to go away; hold it tightly…and feel the bliss; in experience… 


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