Monday, December 31, 2012

Suicide, Anger, Jealousy and You

A deep Suicide, in-side, while staying Awake…may lead your path, towards NIRVANA.

Celibacy can be attended, total freedom can be achieved…if a deep Suicide HAPPENS in-side you…Suicide of your ignorance, suicide of the division inside you. Here Suicide is happening, inside you. Here Suicide is not a force...Here Suicide is Meditation.

Sometimes, ignorance is not a bliss…it is dangerous. That is why teenage suicide is always in news…it keeps happening. You must understand What is Suicide? What is Anger? What is Envy, what is Jealousy? What is the cause of teenage suicide? 

You are always being ruled by your mind. A very frustrating life, where you have lost everything, has shaken you badly. Finding, there is no way to come mind compels you to take the fatal decision...and you commit suicide.

It might be the cause of anything, say anger; jealousy; total failure etc, anything. Reasons are always there, logic is always there...You are dead! 

This is life, sometimes situation might be that bad, that you take the extreme decision. Why? Because you are continuously ruled by your mind...your mind is talking all decision, in your life. Mind is very powerful... cunning too.

You entire body, your entire being is Divine. Your body is a Church; a Mosque, a Temple or any religious place...because God resides in you.

You might ask, if that is so then why there are so many injustice happening in this world? Absolutely true...movement of the Universe; God’s will is unknown. Can you measure a sky?

It is better to understand, how to behave when Almighty is taking your a ruthless way. In such a situation, instead of cursing God better try to find the ways to come of it. 

And that you can do... if you stay Alert. If situation is absolutely hopeless...then think, how to stay healthy in such a situation. Remember health is important, and Yes mind plays a great role. And if you are healthy, strong from inside...You can control your Mind. 

What is Suicide; what is anger; how to commit suicide...these all are of state of mind. Because you are a weak person, your mind takes a negative decision for simple take the extreme step. You go and join any anger management course. I am not saying that anger management course is bad or good. I am simple trying to to indicate a healthy path, to choose.

Meditation is the Key. Now you will ask, What is Meditation; How to Meditate? What is the Techniques of Meditation...this How is a problem. 

Choose select whatever ways techniques, of doing Meditation comes to your mind...and that is the techniques of Meditation. But practice it religiously; honestly. Forget everything...just concentrate on Meditation. Gradually you will stat listening you inner voice; you will start realizing yourself. 

Self realization is not easy. It takes does not happen overnight, have Patience. 

Anger is bad. Jealousy will destroy you. Suicide is dangerous. Your mind is ruling you. Everything is inside you. There is nothing bad, there is nothing good. Your thinking, makes it bad, good or dangerous.

We all human being are blessed with everything, inside us. Suicide; Anger; Jealousy, they are merely energy, flowing inside us. This is your ignorance, which make them, ugly or dangerous. 

Life saving drugs also might become fatal for you, if you take it in wrong way. Mind is ignorance, your lack of knowing (not knowledge) a thing is dangerous...and you take an extreme decision, and you start finding the to commit suicide. 

Self Realization is very important. And it can only happen through Meditation. Suicide thoughts, anger towards anybody, jealousy towards anybody can become your strength...if used in a proper way. And that you can do...only when your mind is in  your control. 

Stay thankful to the person who has provoked you, stay thankful to the situation which has compelled you to to commit suicide. Something was disturbing inside, and it came out. 

Your entire personality; your very existence is divided. There are multiple things, happening inside you all the time
too much noise is there, inside you. First you are being ruled by your mind, then your adversity rules, then you are ruled by society; what people will say? 

How can you listen the Silence; how can you listen your own voice. 

You have no time, either you are extremely stressed; depressed, or you are busy finding the to commit suicide. You are happy, you know the difference between right and wrong... you know, you have been taught that Anger is bad, jealousy will destroy and you mind guides must commit suicide, because there is no point for you in living further, your time has come... you must commit suicide.

Yes, You must Commit Suicide...INSIDE. 

Your chaos, you disturbance; your mind; existing multiple divisions inside you; too much noise inside...must die- Commit Suicide, Inside.

Let-us practice a small exercise together, you might understand...

  • Stand erect. 
  • Legs apart. 
  • Eyes closed. 
  • Chin high. 
  • Open your arm...Open Arm is the indication of total, surrender; total acceptance.
  • Look slightly up. 
  • Take deep breath.
  • Stay in that position for few seconds. 
  • Repeat for five times.
  • Relax. 
When you surrender, to yourself totally, when you accept everything, whatever comes to you, with the same become ONE.

Entire nature; entire universe is inside you. 

The word ONE starts with...’O’. And ‘O’ is a beginning, no end, no death, no birth...only YOU.

Just Commit Suicide inside. Here suicide is happening, there is no Suicide is silence-.

You will start listening the voice of SILENCE. Your adversity has caused havoc to you, there is no way left for not commit suicide out of frustration...stay here, alert. 

Do not commit Suicide, when nothing is left for you, except adversity. And in such a situation, drink the poison...Become adversity...your adversity will become your strength...Enjoy Your Life.... 


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