Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Meditation, Self-Talk, and You...

Deep within you are silent; and in that silent moment, self-talks becomes a prayer; because…

Applause never keeps me high; criticism never pulls me down. I know where I am; I know my place very well.. Self realization is a is not easy to reach at this state of mind; where you realize...who you are?

Self-talk …preserve this saving grace which Almighty has bestowed upon you the moment you took      birth. It is an amazing quality you possess. Recognize this power of yours, and use it when needed. It can give your miraculous results, when you are in deep trouble.

When nothing is left; even your prayer is not helping you…self-talk comes to your rescue. Self-talk is an amazing power. When nothing works; when you have lost all hopes, when even your prayer is not answered…self-talk comes to your rescue. 

Talk to yourself; anything, any answer, which you are seeking…talk to you; you will get the answer. Self-talk keeps you healthy; it shows you the way. 

Go in a deep meditation; and then talk to yourself. You will get remarkable results. 

It can be dangerous; your self-talk might lead you to madness too…if you are not aware, while talking to you. Remember, this self-talk of yours has to be in your control…you have to be awaken while talking to you.

This awakening is important; and this comes through meditation. Meditate. It is said; that there are 112 techniques of meditation…use all; and the select the best; whatever technique suits you select that, and practice that. 

Meditation is the answer; for awareness; for awakening. You entire system has to be in your control; if your mind is controlling you, then it is dangerous…then while talking to yourself you might become mad. 
There are different types of madness; Jesus appeared mad to many…but he was the only sane person. His talks appeared mad to many, but he was not mad...he was enlightened. 

It is rightly said…’it’s a mad, mad, mad world’. If you are awaken, if you are enlightened; you might appear mad to many, and in reality you are the only wise man. 

If you are aware; you know the things which are moving in-side, out-side, around you. In that awakening state…you are simply walking the lake, without getting wet. 

A difficulty, problems, which is a compulsion in human’s life, is not affecting you. Adversity, you are accepting with grace. Applause never keep you high; criticism never pulls you down. You know where are; you know your place very well. In this state; you are aware of yourself; you have awaken. 

And in this awakening state of yours, if you are doing self-talk...then this self-talk, of yours, becomes a prayer, and this prayer is always answered. Why this prayer of yours, is always answered…because you are talking to you. 

And deep within you are silent; and in that silent moment self-talk becomes a prayer; because… you are talking to you, and you are a creation of God; hence this direct communication never fails.

Your question, your answer is within know this-talk to you. 


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