Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meditation, Power of Silence, and You…

Deep within you are silent. Existence was created in absolute silence. Nothing is more power than silence. Meditation is silent. The very process of meditation is silent. 

And you are living among chaos; you have filled your life with the chaos. Now you are used to live in chaos; and you think this is reality. 

Your entire system; your entire structure has to fall. Unless your system is broken; nothing will happen. And this is possible only through meditation. 

You have been living in a chaotic world. Your mind has led your life the since beginning. Real life; has never attracted you. Because you have filled your life with false notes; reality has never attracted you you. 

If you are simply drinking a glass of water; you are drinking through your mind, you are thinking something, you are not there.  You are always somewhere else either regretting; or thinking; or planning something. 

The mind is always busy; always working. Sometimes, even people who follow meditation after some time starts behaving in a strange way; they come back to their old routine life of living in chaos, thinking something. 

The mind is very clever; he will keep keeping you in control; the moment you try to control it through meditation; it distracts your attention somewhere else; showing you some false things; which appears true to you.

For example, after practice meditation you start thinking that you have awakened now, in reality it is only a false notion, created by your mind. And that is why sometimes you must have observed that even after practicing meditation you come back to your old ways of living your life in a destructive way. 

The mind creates the situation as per your choice making it appearing real to you, actually that is false. And because your mind is full of noise; it fills your life with noise. And you are so used to live with this noise that silence will start appearing boring and lazy to you after sometimes; and you are back to your old routine life. 

And precisely this is one of the reasons why there is so much misery in your life. You could never understand Silence. 

Meditate, meditation teaches you; meditation shows you the way how to keep your mind your control. Meditation teaches you to use your mind in the right way; only, when it is needed.

When your mind comes under your control; you start understanding silence. And when you start understanding silence; you start listening what your silence is telling. Start talking to your silence; start asking questions to your silence; and mark my words, you will get amazing results. For the first time you will meet your own life in a real way.

All noises inside and outside you will become silent; and in a moment of that silence you will hear somewhere within; a silent explosion of the nectar inside you; and after this explosion, stay there, and listen to your silence. Your silence will be introducing you to your life; to you.

And that very moment; you will understand; the power of Silence.