Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meditation, Age, Ego, Loneliness, and You…

‘Though financially poor, I am alone, but not lonely, my spirit is free; and I am involved with my spirit’.  This statement tells many things. 

Meditate and loneliness will become the path of Liberation for you. The beginning and the final journey is alone. There is a thin line difference between lonely and alone. It depends how it is coming to you, or how you are going to accept it. To grow, in any part of life, you need privacy.

Each and every moment of growing age can become blissful to you; no need of getting scare of old age. You have to stay in total acceptance mode; forever. 

Accepting life, and living it as it is, is the mantra. Your strength lies in simplicity. You have to take care of certain things; like keeping yourself fit and healthy through exercises; yoga. 

Live your life as it is; the way this is coming to you; do not try to change the flow of your life as per your convenience; accept it the way it is coming to you. Even your old age can become graceful and healthy.

Do not move with time; instead stay in moment, and keep floating. Do not apply any force…just float. You develop a theory to live life in a difficult way; you start molding your life as per your wishes. You might get initial success initially; but later in old age when everything is lost; you lose your life too. And old age become scary to you.

Floating in moment, staying alert, comes through Meditation. Floating might become dull and lazy; if you are not awakened. Awareness or awakening has to come to you; when you are floating with moments. 

It is not easy; it appears so. This state is the highest form of meditation. And to reach this state is very simple; you have to live your life as it is, the way this is coming to you accept it. Each and every moment you are getting new age, what is gone is dead; when youth is gone it is dead. And you are living with dead moment; glorifying your youth. 

Here starts your troubles; the more you enjoy the company of dead, the more lifeless you become. Life is always full of life. Each and every moment is thrilling; because you do not know what is coming next? And this question mark is the source of your happiness. 

Each and every moment, which is coming to you,is young; full of life, accept this. Start living in moment, staying alert, and you will always stay young; you will never grow old, because each and every moment is  always fresh, Virgin. 

Meditate; meditation helps you in dropping your ego. And when ego is dropped; many thing begins.
Your journey towards final liberty starts here; when your ego is completely dropped. Ego is the main hindrance between you and your scary old age. 

When you are accepting each and every moment of life, including old age staying in moment, staying alert; awaken, like a witness; witnessing everything, without getting affected, you are accepting your old age with grace, then you will be called…an ageless wonder.


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