Friday, June 26, 2015

Meditation, Desire, Dream, and You...

And desire won't end; till your last breath. Some claims that they have become desire-less; there is no desire left for them. They claim further that they have related themselves to God. And they do not desire anything. Do never lead a tasteless life. 

You are human; not a Robert. You must desire; you must dream. Dreamers are romantic. Fill your life with romance. Fill your life with the thrill. Meet everything; which life brings to you. Success, failure, sorrow, happiness, ups and downs; meet everything. 

Remember, your this meeting with life is not an ordinary meeting. Here you are meeting with life; here you are meeting with you.

Now it sounds dubious. It means life and you; you and you are two different entities. It is. Because in you; oneness is missing. You have developed many parts of you; inside you. You are scattered. That's why some say; they do not desire; they have become desire less.

This becoming desire less is very high point of meditation. If it is coming through meditation; this is very high. And it can certainly be misleading too. Meditation is risky also. This risk factor in meditation comes through your mind. 

Your mind is cunning; it brings confusion. For example; suppose you are sitting hours together, doing meditation, concentrating on one object. And this practice you have been doing since ages. Now you start thinking that something is happening; you are no more the same. 

Now you have achieved something; this starts appearing to you. And you start behaving like a saint. You start giving sermons; you start quoting from religious books. Now you are developing followers. And you are a religious guru. This is dangerous.

When you have practiced meditation for hours together, concentrating on one object; naturally you will feel tired, lazy, relaxed, dull. And during those hours of dullness; your mind creates delusion inside you, that you are gaining something divine. It is nothing but dull; tuneless.

Your mind is sick. You in a state of hallucination. And, during those hours of hallucination this thought comes to you that you are awakened. Actually, you're not, you have become bad to worse.

Another example; you sprinkle holy water to purify you, or the particular place. It purifies; till the water, moisture is there. After some times the water evaporates, you or the place become dry. Again, the situation, after reaching 99 points, like a game in snake and ladder, you come back to zero. And you sprinkle holy water again; and this continues.

Do not practice meditation in sleeping state of mind. You have to wake up. Understand you first. Control your mind. Do not get controlled by your mind.

Meditation is awakening; where you understand things. Where you take life in an easy way. Where you accept mundane crisis in the right way. Yes, sometimes adversity do creates serious problems in life. But then you are the one who has to handle it.

God never comes to the earth; to remove hurdles from your life. God can create hurdles; but, it is you who have to remove these hurdles. Desire is beautiful. Dream is beautiful. 

Desiring for desired life, or dreaming for a certain kind of life, along with a a proper effort; is a blessing itself. Whether getting the desired results or not is another thing. Your sincere efforts, even after receiving several failures in life, make it important.

Living life with head high, even after losing everything in life; is success; that is prayer. Not bowing down against the pressure, against the mundane stress; is certainly not an easy job to perform. 

Maintain your health. Become strong. Do not succumb to injury, under any circumstance, and keep on fighting for the justice. If you have to fight to the God; for the justice, then fight with the God. 

Fighting with the God for your desired result; fighting with the God for your dream, is Prayer. 

You must desire. You must dream. That is life. That is a fragrance. Desire is natural. The dream is natural. Remember, what is natural; is God. God is natural. Nature is natural. You are natural. So, how can you avoid; or how can you try to curb what is coming naturally to you.

 And if you do not desire; if you do not dream; how you will live a colorful life? This life is colorful. Desire; Dream, makes life beautiful; it makes life worth living for.

Meditation does not mean living a dead life. Meditation is beautiful. Meditation is full of life. Meditation is like a circle; where all angles are same. Where desire; dream, fulfillment; stops bothering you. 

And, this is the stage of Nirvana, Celibacy. But to reach this stage, to move ahead desire, to move ahead, dream; you must desire; you must dream...


Monday, June 22, 2015

God and Happiness; Meditation and Prayer- and, if God is not listening to you?

Forget God; become your own God, if God is not listening to you. Concentrate on you; concentrate on your mind. Your mind will show you the way. Your mind is very powerful; use this power of yours.

Instead of getting frustrated; or, instead of becoming vindictive; or instead of feeling jealous; use your mind. Use your energy in finding the way; how to use your mind?

Do not waste your time in pleasing God, or finding the reason; why God is not listening to you? Forget the reason of your failure; whether you are incompetent or, you are a victim of your previous life sin; and God is punishing you in this life. Forget all these rubbish; and concentrate your energy in finding the way out inside you.

There are many Gods. The beauty of God is He/She is everywhere. So, to find the key to happiness of yours; you have to search God; you have to look within.

It is your happiness; it is your life. You have to search this answer within you. frustration; feeling jealous, or feeling vindictive is natural. Do not bother much about these things; your target is to find the answer of your happiness. become your own God. And solve your problems.

It is always you; who can solve your problems. No other God will come to your rescue. Yes, to gather inner strength; practice meditation. Meditation makes you strong; from inside. Meditation opens your eyes; to look within. For physical; practice yoga. Yoga keeps you healthy.

Combination of Meditation and Yoga; keeps you alive, with a radiant complexion; under any circumstance.

Depression, anger, whatever is coming to you; allow it to come; allow them to hit you; stay unaffected. Do never try to stop anger or frustration; it is natural, they will come to you; allow them to come, do not try to stop them; you cannot, allow them to come.

Stay alert; stay awakened, accept; whatever is coming to you through meditation. Keeping yourself fit is extremely important under any circumstance. If you're healthy; if you are strong; then only you can look within. and the day you understand how to look within; and the day you start looking within; you will find your answer there; hidden within. 

God is residing inside you; continuously She/He is asking you to look within; yelling "I am here within you". 

Stop worrying. Worry causes stress; and stress creates chaos inside you. You cannot listen to God's calling amid chaos; inside you.

And the day you understand you; and the day you understand what life is; God will start listening you. Have faith in you; if you are having faith in you; you are having faith in God. And this is the key word 'faith'. 

You have been taught all through your life, that have faith in God. You must have listened to others saying that, because you are not having faith in God that is why She/He is not listening to you.

And instead of looking within, you start searching God in religious places; in holy books. and your misery continues. Simple things never attracted you; because you have been taught to set a goal first, then prepare yourself to achieve your Goal.

You do no have to achieve anything. Your preparation to achieve something is faulty. That is why you become frustrated when you do not get your desired results. And you waste your whole life in finding the reason; why God is not listening to you.

And then you create more damage to you; when you start preparing yourself; how to please God? 

You have forgotten yourself completely. You are continuously busy; in achieving something, and in pleasing God, and finding ways to happiness.

Stay here; wherever you are. There is nothing to be achieved; it is there inside you. How happiness will come to you; how God will listen to you? 

And, unless you keep you happy; happiness will not come to you; God will not listen to you. Your voice is not reaching to God; how She/He will listen to you?

How to compel God to listen to you, and, how to keep you happy- just forget God, and look within; and you will find, God is listening to you...


Saturday, June 6, 2015

God, Meditation- Is Living Important?

And the day mystery of that Mysterious Smile; gets unfolded before you...

And before sending you on this earth; God whispered in your ear that- "Do not worry for anything, I am always there with you".

And to keep the mystery of the universe intact; God, before whispering in your ear, before sending you in this world, God kept this knowing with HIM/HER, that 'I am there with you'.

And God smiled; and, God sends you on this earth; and then; The Creation started moving; along with you.

And then one poet wrote somewhere- "Whatever I have got, I am satisfied with that; I have always considered that as my destiny, and every worry I have blown away in my cigarette smoke..."

Is living important? This is the question mark? The answer is questionable. Is it important to get the answer? This is the question; you ask yourself. This is very important.

Unless, there is a will, unless there is happiness; unless there is love; and, unless there is a God; is it important to live. And if it is not; then what is the meaning of Life? And if it is yes; then, how to live life? Questions and answers never ends.

How to live your life; is important. The answer, of the question 'is living important', is hidden here; how to live? This question mark has your answer; how to live?

Living is an art. First, understand you. Then understand life. Then seek the answer. Otherwise; let it sail; the way it is sailing. Whatever God has given you enjoy with that; and stay satisfied. Or, to get whatever you want from your life; get whatever you want, from God.

And gaining your desired results, or achieving your desired results; you have to understand life; you have to understand you. 

And, before sending you on this earth; God whispered in your ear that; 'I am there always with you'. 

But God had to maintain the mystery of the universe. Otherwise, SHE/HE would have created an ugly world. 

So, to justify and to keep the beauty of this universe intact, God had to make this mysterious universe. It is a believe that; there always stayed a mysterious smile on the Lord, Krishna's face. This mysterious smile is God.

This mysterious smile is Lord, Shri Krishna. so, the question is; is living important? 

And to keep the mystery of the universe intact; God, before whispering into your ear, before sending you in this world, God kept this knowing with HER/HIM, that 'I am there with you'; and God smiled; and, God sends you on this earth; and the Creation started moving; along with you.

So, though, God has always existed within you; you never realized this. Power of realizing this, that God is there within you is not known to you. And, to get the answer, that; is living important; you have to realize, that God is there within you. You have to unfold this mystery. 

And, unfolding this mystery is not possible; at least by you. So, you never got the answer, that 'is living important?' You are born inquisitive; you are always tempted to know, What is the mystery; you are curious to know; 'what is that mysterious smile on Krishna's face?'

And the day you unfold this mystery; the day you get to know the meaning of that mysterious smile; that very moment you will get your answer, 'is living important?

Now another question- how to unfold, how to know the meaning of that mysterious smile? one after another question keep coming to you; and your life goes on. 

And then, someone suggested; and then someone wrote; "whatever I have got, I am satisfied with that' I have always considered that as my destiny, and every worry I have blown away in my cigarette smoke..." 

Idiosyncrasies differ. You are satisfied; you are OK; you do not need to unfold the mystery.

But if you wish to see; if you wish to unfold the mystery; behind those mysterious smile; then you have to understand, then you have to know You; you have to understand, what life is; and, you have to know- "why Krishna is always smiling; in a mysterious way?"

To live life; to know the meaning of this life; and, to get the answer of your question, 'is living important'- Just, simply, cast a deep penetrating glance within you. And this great power, casting a glance within, comes through meditation.

Meditation opens every door for you. Techniques of meditation differ; meditation is same. all roads lead to one place. 

Now, another question, why to cast a deep glance within? 

Your life is full, of questions and answers. You keep seeking answers. And, that is the place; where mystery is hidden 'seeking', 'desire to know'.

And unless you desire, and, unless you wish to know, unless, you are inquisitive to know; you will not get the answer. Then you do not need to know. then you can blow away your worries in your cigarette smoke; and accept your life as it is; the way it is coming to you.

Your wish is God; your desire to live your life; that very desire is holding the mystery behind those mysterious smile. 

And if you wish to insist; if you wish to get your desired results; if you wish to know the answer; 'is living important'; and, finally, if you wish to live your life; the way you wish then-
  • take a bath
  • look at the morning; the way it is happening
  • the way morning light is expanding its arms to embrace the universe
  • you are within the embrace
  • feel the embrace
  • open your eyes
Cast a deep penetrating glace within; you will get your answer 'is living important?'

Now nothing is needed. This is the stage of 'Samadhi'; this the stage of accepting renouncement.

And when you are in 'Samadhi', you will come to know- "why Krishna is always smiling in a mysterious way"...


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Meditation, Stress, Inspiration, and You...

And to rekindle the lost faith; and to regain the power of youth, and to smile again, and to look at the life again; you do need inspiration. You need to be inspired. You need to be encouraged.

Just look within; and get inspired. Get inspired from you. Get inspiration from nature. Nature is within you. You have limitless potentiality. Inspiration comes through you. 

STRESS is inevitable; it has to come. Everybody is stressed; sometimes it is serious; fatal.  Either broken relationship, or failure in exams, life; sometimes breaks you completely.

Sometimes, stress becomes the reason for someone’s suicide. The famous line, ‘sometimes, a time comes when your own shadow desert you'.

What to do? How to get rid of your stress? How to stay young; forever? What are techniques of meditation?

Surviving adversity, maintain the youth, stamina, the smile, is not easy; not a rocket science either.

These are the topics I share my experiences. I sincerely wish to bring smile on your face. My sincere wish is, to give you a reason to live your life in a healthy way; under any circumstance; without losing the grace.

If, my experiences inspire you; I shall think that I have lived my life. 

For youngsters; today’s youth, I wish to indicate; how to enter eternal youth through Meditation; without getting bored.

Quote from one of my articles in techniques of meditation, ‘Adversity, Destiny, Fate, and you’-

“and when adversity beckons, answer the call, gracefully; look into the eyes of the adversity, a very deep penetrating look and the day this happens to you, mark my words; you will start writing your own destiny…”.

And someone asked me yesterday, ‘What is your age?’ “I am as old as mountains; and as fresh as morning breeze”; I answered.

Yes, This is possible- Let us explore together; little more…