Friday, March 9, 2012

Alchemist and Search.....

This article is a tribute to the great writer Paulo Coelho- ‘stay thankful to the great writer Paulo Coelho...for indicating the path of The Alchemist’.

Cast a deep penetrating glance inside and you will find The Alchemist...Smiling.

‘Hope’ and ‘Wait’ never ends.

How you can be happy...unless you achieve your goal?

How you can be secured...without financial security?

And now, the chase starts…you start chasing Astrologers, Priests, Books (how to become successful) etc. And when the last moment of your journey comes to an end, you realize- what a waste it was.  

You are in search of happiness. You practice yoga, you do Meditation. Yet, you are not happy...your happiness is lying somewhere else, in your future. And future never comes. Result… your search for happiness continues.

Yes, someone has aptly said, I keep repeating this… ‘A great wind is blowing a great sake is happening inside’ and… you are busy, planning your future; your happiness.

Next moment what is going to happen to you, do not know.  Your sleep is not in your control. Can you sleep whenever you want? Your hunger is not in your control. Mundane needs of your body are not in your control. Your mind is ruling you.

Mind is very powerful. You are busy satisfying your mind… if you do not do it, your ego may get hurt....‘a great wind is blowing a great shake is happening inside’… you are standing somewhere else, aloof not interested. Suddenly, you realize… what a waste......

And again your journey; your search starts- you start reading books… you start reading ‘The Alchemist’. And after finishing you murmur… ‘What a book’!

And now your problem is solved, you have understand the secret… you know the Alchemist. And this ‘knowledge’, knowing about Alchemist, is the problem.

Next morning again you are disturbed. And again your search starts… along with astrologers, books etc. Your journey,in search of 'The Alchemist' starts.

Whatever way, at present, you are, whatever situation you are in... accept it wholeheartedly. Do not create  a gap. Do not fight; for God’s sake… do not search. Do not do anything.  Simply stay here, wherever you are.

You must dream, you must make an effort to achieve your goal. It might appear is not. Your effort, your search, should be an outcome of a deep ’Meditation’. And the key to feel, that the Alchemist is within you is… Meditation.

Meditation helps you in sustaining prolonged setbacks, total failure. It helps you in keeping your stamina intact… under any circumstances, especially adverse circumstances, when you need it the most.
  • Lamenting and brooding is futile. 
  • Your health and your mind is your biggest assets… keep it healthy. 
  • You must dream with an understanding of your real capacity, your strength. 
  • Before you understand life… you must understand yourself. 
  • Start believing in yourself. Self  Believe is the key. 
And the day this self realization comes to will feel that 'The Alchemist’ is within you. 


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