Saturday, September 27, 2014

Meditation; Krishna; and You…

And that mischievous smile; knowing all; omnipresent; past, present and future; The Creator; Romance begins with Krishna; Flute; stands for the music; dance with Gopis (Krishna’s girlfriends); Sudershan Chakra (Whirl); stands for power. Destroyer of the evil; creator of the evil; Krishna is with good; Krishna is with the bad; Krishna is extreme happiness; Krishna is extreme pain, sorrow: Krishna is with holiness; Krishna is with sinners.

Krishna said: "Surrender to me; and I shall save you from all your worries". Krishna said; 'surrender to me'...this me is 'my'. To you it is always 'you'; Krishna is saying "Surrender to me; surrender to 'I'; that is you; here Krishna is asking you to surrender to you. And without understanding Krishna; without understanding what he is saying; you started searching peace; Love all over the world. 

Krishna is unique; like, it is mentioned in the holy book, that; once during his early childhood prank; once stole the cloths of Gopies, (his girlfriends addressed in Hindi) when they were taking bath in a river, and he himself climbed on a tree; teasing and asking them to come out like that and pray to Lord since they have made the water dirty; and after their much persuasion he gave their clothes back to them.

And in  a similar incident; when helpless  Draupudi, warrior Pandava's wife, called him for help; Krishna protected Draupadi's honor. Krishna is strange; Krishna is beyond description, You can only understand Krishna when you meditate on his shapeless image; concept. Krishna is Krishna; beyond understanding; very easy to be understood. 

You started searching Krishna in temples; you started searching Krishna in books. Krishna is simply asking you...'Surrender to me'. Krishna is simply asking you; that you should surrender yourself to you; "I am always there inside you". And without bothering to look at you; you are searching Krishna in books; in temples. Krishna is within you; look within; have faith in you; fight your battle alone; and the victory is yours.  

Krishna is provoking Arjuna for war; Krishna is taking peace mission to Kauravas. Krishna is the destroyer; Krishna is the savior. A unique concept; a unique personality; a unique reality; known; unknown; is Krishna. Krishna is the door; Krishna is supreme. 

Krishna has no beginning; Krishna has no end; how to begin; how to end? Krishna begins with a question mark? And only Krishna is the answer. Krishna cannot be described; Krishna is beyond description. Krishna is unique. Krishna is all over; there is no such place where Krishna is not there. Knowing all; the creator; keeps playing with you; you cannot catch Krishna.

Cast a deep glance within; and Krishna are there; within your reach. Just stay wherever you are; and meditate on Krishna. Meditate on the flute music; Krishna is famous for playing flute; Meditate on Sudershn Chakra (whirl), Krishna always carried. Meditate on Peacock feather, which Krishna wears on his crown; Meditate on that famous mischievous smile; knowing all; Meditate on Krishna.

Krishna is a circle; all angles are equal; absolutely nothing is missing. Meditate on Krishna; and you will miss nothing. Meditate on zero (Shunya); Krishna is zero; Creations begin with Krishna; Creation ends with Krishna. Only Krishna has accepted; accommodated evil and goodness both as it is. Nothing is left. 

Krishna is a unique amalgam of Good and Evil. Both are important. In The great Epic Mahabharata; When Krishna is asking Arjuna to go for a war; he is simply asking him to perform his duty; dropping all his knowledge. He knew the outcome. And when a wicked king Duryodhana order for Krishna’s arrest; when he had gone to him on a peace mission from Pandavas ; Krishna shows him his real identity…entire Universe was within him. 

When the queen Gandhari accused Krishna of defeating and killing all her sons; Kauravas; evils; Krishna answers here; making her aware of the fact that who killed them; who killed those evil was He; and who were destroyed; whoever were killed; they all belonged to him; actually it is he who was killed. He was the killer; and it was he who got killed. Krishna is unique.

Krishna is a contradiction; Krishna has the solution. Krishna is questionable; Krishna is the answer; Krishna is with moments. Each and every moment is new; hence Krishna is always new; tuned; in-vogue. Krishna is unpredictable; Krishna can happen anytime anywhere. Krishna is bondage; Krishna removes obstacles; 

Krishna is beyond normal understanding. To understand Krishna; simply meditate on Krishna; Krishna as a whole; because only Krishna is complete; whole; accepted everything; accommodated everything; He has not left anything outside; He has accepted everything; Outside is Krishna; inside is Krishna. 

Birth is Krishna; Death is Krishna. Krishna is the universe. That is why in Hindu religion Krishna is called The Supreme Lord. Knowing all; the creator who always wears a strange; mischievous; enchanting Smile. 

Pain is Krishna; balm is Krishna. One can go on writing on Krishna. Krishna never ends; because Krishna is the end; Krishna is the beginning. Only Krishna can be the killer; and only Krishna can be the killed too. 

Krishna is the beginning of Romance; Romance started with Krishna. Love started with Krishna. Krishna is love; Krishna is romance. Meera is in love with Krishna; this irked her husband; the king. And the king kept asking Meera ‘are you mad; with whom do you talk, with whom do you laugh?’ Meera looked mad to normal eyes; in fact Mira was the only sane person in her Kingdom. 

When asked by the King about Krishna; she answered; “Krishna is here; right before me; I can feel him; he can touch me; Krishna is here; you are not here; tomorrow you will not be here; Krishna is here.” Meera was right; Only Krishna is here; Krishna is now. Krishna is mad; Krishna is normal; Krishna is eternal. You cannot get away; even if you wish to get away from Krishna; Krishna is refused; Krishna is acceptance. 

That is why Krishna is unique. Krishna has no shape; Krishna has many shapes; it depends; how you would like to remember him; in all forms he is there available to you. Krishna has given you a choice to choose; the way you remember him; if you do not remember him then too; he is there for you. 

Only Krishna is Truth. Because Krisna is lying also. A unique concept; a unique imagination Krisna is full; compact; complete. Radha was in love with Krisna; Radha is in love with Krishna. The Radha is in love with whole Krisna. She has not left anything aside; she has accepted Krisna as it is, good and bad, better and worse, holiness and sin both, plus and minus both. She has not differentiated and chose Krisna in parts; she has accepted Krisna as a whole. And that is why whenever Krisna is remembered; he is always known as Radha-Krisna. 

Krisna was a warrior; Krisna was an escapist too. A unique example of staying in a moment is Krisna. Krisna is momentous; and that’s why whenever you are staying in a moment; and you are floating in a moment; you are floating along with The Krisna. 

The word oneness; the meaning oneness; is Krishna. Only Krishna is capable of creating, doing anything; hence he is called The Creator. It is not easy to accept evil. Every religion says evil is bad; discard evil; if you do evil you will go to hell. Only Krishna has accepted evil too; he has created evil too.

And if Krishna would not have created evil; the survival of Saint; Good was difficult; it was not possible to create good and leave bad behind. If Good has to survive; bad has to be there. Repercussion; results of both good and bad are also created by Krishna; it is up to you to choose.

Meditate on Krishna; and the day Krishna enters you; and the moment this realization comes to you that Krishna is within you; that very moment you are liberated; free of all bondage; all the best- 


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