Monday, August 4, 2014

God, Life, Meditation and You...

The Universe was created in a jiffy, with a question mark” Who created the Universe? And the game began. Your life started; you came out in search of the answer. And you are running all over in search of the answer.  And in this quest of your question that who created the universe, you started missing Life; you started missing the beauty of the most precious gift of The Almighty; given to you.

The question that who created The Universe became important to you. Remember, the creation of the universe started with a question mark? And the answer differs; some believe that God created the universe; Science differs; some say it was due to evolution; exact fact is unknown. The answer lies in you; in Meditation. 

Instead of looking within you are running all over the world in search of your answer. This Universe is mysterious; it’s futile, to unfold it. Instead of searching your answer; enjoying the real beauty; stay here; stay in the moment. 

We praise Moon, we consider it a sign of Romance; its coo light soothes us; especially in autumn. And we human being landed on it; just to discover; what is there inside The Moon. You should praise The Moon, you should never land on it; else you will miss the beauty of the word praising. There is no harm it it stays as Mystery; who created The Universe; let it remain as a question mark. 

The word Mystery is beautiful; something hidden is attractive. The moment you remove the curtain; the beauty will go. Always remember, that you should live in a moment; and when you are staying in a moment, hold that moment, do not try to unfold the moment; just stay in a moment; just float in a moment.

But you will not agree, you have to find the reason, and there is a mad rush to know the mystery. To unfold the mystery, if you really wish to do so, just accept the mystery. The more you try to unfold it; the more mysterious it will become; instead of knowing who created the Universe; just enjoy its beauty; its mystery. 

To enjoy its beauty, do not make any effort to challenge its authority; just float, move with it. Through Meditation you will reach a state where you will realize that; the mystery is being unfolded before you. 

And when this unique experience happens inside you; you will feel an ecstasy; and in that moment of ecstasy you will feel an explosion of the nectar inside you; and in that moment when this fountain is exploding inside you, for God’s sake do not go anywhere in search of the answer that who created The Universe, just stay there; do not make any effort to enjoy it; just float in that sea of Ecstasy.


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