Monday, January 21, 2013

Fear, Expectation, Suicide, Death, Meditation and You

Time, Person and Place... One has to move accordingly...

Death is always here... Birth is always here... Now

And again, you are expecting...for a good life, in your future. You have given your best. And the result is unknown. You can amend, you can go on amending, and you can go on making an effort...but result is not in your hand. You have to wait; you have to expect?

You are always being surrounded by a question mark...What will happen? You are afraid. Fear is continuously chasing you. Fear is unknown.

Next moment what is going to happen to you, you do not know. And you have prepared yourself, this time, in a better way. You have taken care of all your past mistakes. You are confident nothing can defeat you this time. You are sure of happiness? And you are waiting? You are expecting for a favorable result? 

And when the result comes is not in your favor. You are devastated. Your entire effort has turned, merely into a fiasco. There is nothing left for you. You decide to commit suicide. And you commit suicide.End of the story. 

Throughout your life, you are busy chasing unknown. You do not what do you want from life? 

This restlessness is always there with you, because you are always searching happiness somewhere else. You result is in future, because, your search for happiness, is in your future. And future never comes, because, there is no future. It is always present. It is always now. It is always Here and Now. 

And to realize have to be Here...Here and Now. It is very much Here; inside you. But you are busy making efforts for something which is going to happen in  future. Death is always here, birth is always here.It has to happen...Now. You are somewhere else in your future.

You have been chasing unknown throughout your life. And blaming God; Stars; Luck or even in some cases, blaming accept the defeat. Please do not do that.

You happiness is your birth right. And if you are not getting it, what is yours...always fight for it. But this fight, or this chase is different. 

Here you are aware. Here you know what you are fighting for. Here your destiny is known to you. Here you are not chasing the unknown. This awareness is a must. And this awareness comes through Meditation. Meditation is the key. 

You must be aware of what you are doing. Stay in the moment. This will make you alert. And if you are alert...if you are flexible, if you are not can lead a smooth life.Because here you can take; alter your decision at spur of the moment. 

It is always Time, Person and have to move accordingly. And this is your individuality. This is your Personality. And if your decision is matching your situation, then you are bond to become successful. 

Success and failure both are yours...accept it, do not fight. 

Fight will always create a gap. And this gap has to be filled. Because this gap, which is created by your fight with yourself, has created a division inside you... between you and the universe. This gap is between you and God.

This division is false. The day you become ONE...this division will go. And to get this, a very simple method you need to apply. And that method is...when you are chasing your happiness...just become the Chase. 

Yet, if you are not getting what is yours, do no fight; make an effortless move...Just pick it UP. 

Ashok Sinha

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